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    Dear Mebel.... you two look so good together.... I want to paint you as angels floating thru the sky together...
    Thank you for the birthday wish.. I have been so depressed that I could not come back here for a long time... I am better... made a tincture for depression out of herbs and it seems to be helping... and I have been taking care of my mom since Nov... twas a difficult winter... but we are back on the mend... My ym got married... and after 9 months he came back into my life... he just wants us to be friends and I guess that is fine... I really don't care anymore... so that is that... I have been painting up a storm... and have gotten a new commission from a lady in Washington state... so I am busy with that... anyway.. I really just wanted to touch base and say you look beautiful with your man.... always Kristine (mskitty)
    I am so glad your mother is doing better! How nice that you will once again get to sleep in your own bed. There is nothing in the world like your own bed, huh? Best wishes to you and Kevin. I am glad things are going better. :)
    Hi Mebel, I hope you are doing well... haven't seen you around lately. :)
    =). Hiya, thanks for the welcome message.
    Hi Mebel! I'm glad to hear that you are getting some time with Kevin.. it is important to recharge our "batteries" when we are caring for others. My youngest daughter had such a good time visiting her sister in Holland! I am glad she is home and now we are getting her ready to go away to college... I hate goodbyes!
    I was wondering.. are you on Facebook?
    Take care,
    Mebel, I am so sorry to hear of the tough time you've been experiencing. Your mother is lucky and blessed to have such a caring, daughter. It sounds as if Kevin is a support and help to you... it is wonderful to have such a love!
    I will be thinking of you and your family.. Take care.

    Hello, Mebel! My youngest daughter and her father left for London yesterday. They are going to spend a few days there and then go to visit my oldest daughter in Den Bosch. I am so jealous! I hope to visit Holland again... wish it could be this year but probably won't be until next Spring.
    When I do visit, it would be nice to see you as well!

    I hope you are well!
    Hey thanks for the comment. I haven't been on this site in a while, so I didn't get it until just now. :)
    Thank you for the message. Gaming is a fun way to meet alot of people from all over. Ive made several good friends, a few Ive met in person. You do get to see people in alot of different situations and can get a good feel of their personality. I never, ever expected to find love. I wasnt even looking.
    Wow, I had not thought of my name like that, thank you! Does your name mean anything in dutch or is it a real name?
    Hi Mebel, I love reading your posts, you are so cute, but wise at the same time! just wanted to say that! I have sent you a friend request.
    Thanks very much for your kind words, Mebel. I also like your advice. And FWIW, I don't think you and your guy even look like you've got much of an age difference, at least from the picture on here. A few years, but no more than that. He's a lucky guy!
    Good morning! Or I guess now it's good afternoon. :)
    Mijn engel!


    :bday3: :bday3: :bday3: :bday3: :bday3: :bday3:

    Ik heb hele lieve woorden voor je, maar die moeten even wachten tot morgen!
    Neem je voor morgen een wijntje mee? Dan bouwen we hier een :feest013: !

    Je bent mijn lichpuntje... Hou van je !
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