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    How are things goin with you. Thanks for writing on my profile.I might delete my fb account if she keeps on posting **** on her wall about her mom an me .I tried being her friend before but she didnt want that any more.Thinkin maybe she might want some one to talk to (even thuogh she has a boyfriend ) so I"m goin to text her tomorow.If she doesnt,,then I know I did everything I could to help her through this .I knew this wasnt goin to be easy .. I guess I just wasnt expecting it to be like this .
    Aw, thank you for such a great compliment! :) I've followed your story and am likewise inspired by how you and your guy have bravely faced your family as a united front! :cheers:
    Hi misskrm. Going great with her. :D 17th of this month we're leaving this urban jungle full of concrete building. Too bad we've to come back on 20th. :mad:

    We're not coming out to my friends, at least not yet. Family... I'll only tell my mother. So just one person I'm worried. Still a chicken. :eek: But I gave myself an ultimatum. Before the end of May I'll tell her. Most probably I'll send her text....
    Congratulations.. with your son, and i am happy for you that some progress is made by your mother, to have that celebration diner with you all together!
    Thanks for asking me to be friends! Hope you don't mind my tongue-in-cheek reply to your Old Body post. ;) :)
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