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  • Hi MM,I would also love to add you to my list! And, like Percy,, also because of your insightfulness,, and long replies,:) from which i learn more about your language.
    Hi remind me of my ex, quite a bit, and I mean that in a complimentary fashion, I have a lot of respect for your insightfulness, would love to add you to my friend list;)
    It's our inner "fix it" kicking in. That's a toughie, but it can be overcome. I LOVE my job and the staff I work with. The grumpy guy is doing well since his hospital stay (for depression), but I'm in a weird place place with our relationship. As much as I love my job, a couple of things happened that made it a tough day at work. I needed to be together and talk to him, and I can't. His 16 y/o son is with him tonight. The grumpy guy and his ex wife don't keep to a parenting schedule, their sons come and go as they please, and when the boys are there, I can't be. This is something I need to talk to him about, and I don't know how to do it.
    thanks for checking on me. i am doing fine- jeremy moved back to alabama end feb- i am trying not to talk to him to much as he is perennially broke and i always feel 'obligated' to offer whatever i can (my problem- no one elses) (how does ANYONE live like that)? how are you doing funny girl?
    hi saw you peeking, drop by any time.
    Your posts today have alot of funny statements (a financially secure old codger with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel , just so long as I'm hetero & hooking up....and on), that have really made me laugh. i am not sure though, if you are an animated person, or agitated, right now. is everything ok with you?
    It's great to hear from you again! Are you done with your degree? If so, congrats! Sorry to hear about the concussion...yikes! But I'm glad to have you back again!

    Hi MissMuffins,
    It was chosen a few years ago,I used a different nic before that.Had it changed due to a learning xsperence,at some point see if I change it to my name.....Michael.
    I'm told that I have gorgeous blue eyes. I live in Idaho, I'm finishing my BA in English (apparently I've finished my AA in Humanities: Liberal Arts), and last week I bought a fantastic purple dress that I like a lot.
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