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  • :feest013:Hi dear Percy! Happy belated birthday, wishing you a very good and blessed new year:yes:
    Thanks Percy :) I'm not around much, so someone remembering me is pretty impressive lol ;) I appreciate it, the bday was pretty good!
    Hey Percy,

    Thanks for the friend invite and your great and kind dutch comments! Oh and also for your birthday wishes to both me and Mebel!

    Ohh shoot, yours was the 4th! Happy belated :feest013::birthday09: ! Also a pisces, ohh hope u enjoy being one as much as I!
    Heeee.. That is a great sacraal front!
    1love told you how...please:rose: share the trick with me too!

    Thank you very much Percy!
    Just saw your birthday was March 4. Happy belated birthday to you! So you are a Pisces, as well. ;-)
    Hi Percy, Thank you for the birthday message. To change your background, go to "customize my profile" which is the tab on the far right above these messages. Then there are several changes you can make, colors of your profile, as well as add a background picture. You have to paste the url of the picture you want as your background under "general" and then "page background." I hope that helps. As far as Facebook, I don't know anything more than just the general things that everyone can do. :)
    Thank you Percy, goodmorningsurprise!..but 23 march is my BD!
    I wish you a happy weekend too! Kevin and I are the last month always together during weekends. Its raining outside, after very nice weather last week (as if it was springtime). But now its cold and wet again. Well inside it is cosy!:)
    Damian Rice his voice is beautiful ! I did not heard him before! Thank you for sharing Percy!
    Percy that is PERFECTLY dutch! my first impression, you are dutch!:)If this google translation-tool is that perfect , i have to use it too!
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