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  • Polly, where did you get off to? Come back and give us an update! Miss you.
    Hi again Polly, I love going to your myspace and listening to you sing~! Fabulous!! I am on facebook at Tammy Palmeri! LOL I think! but I have e-mail at

    Polly, I went and listened to your cover of "Rotten Candy" and I really enjoyed it. Your vocals are really strong and affecting. I also loved the arrangement. A great recording. I hope you're really proud of it. Please let me know when you have completed any new recordings. Congratulations!
    Hey, cool dog in your pic. Is it a Newfie? I love dogs, being a dog mom myself. I hope things work out for you and your fellow in Scotland.
    hey polly thanks for the help on my post. you were right she was adding the other women to please me. We talked about it and we're through with that.
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