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    Ich habe euch gesandt eine Freundschaftsanfrage .... Ich bin Verlängerung meiner Hand, um Sie in der Freundschaft, wenn Sie mögen. Lassen Sie mich wissen, wenn das Google Translator hat gut funktioniert.
    No problem. I had not seen your comment yesterday when I posted in the forum about it.
    My apologies for deleting your comment in my Sensory Deprivation Tank thread.....I had not realized that I had posted the thread three times...eliminated the two that were not suppose to be there including your post.... and lol's then I realized, after I deleted your post, that all I had to do was edit and change the video settings in the thread you put your post in, in order to save your comments.... my lack of experience with such things....sorry about that Redhead;)
    :runnningaround:,Hi worldtraveler,where are you today?:cool: xoxox and take care!
    Thanks, Mebel. I am having the time of my life. Tomorrow I continue my trip, and I will embrace all the challenges.
    Nice to see you here again. I have been through a lot lately (surgery, etc. - I will send you a private message later tonight), so I really deserve a nice holiday. Today I picked up my plane ticket. I am so happy. :)
    I am fine. Thank you. And I am always glad when this board finds new members.
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