Ageless Love

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    Happy belated Birthday SLK!! :cake:
    Its your birthday and nobody has started a thread for you :(

    Wishing YOU a :bday3::bday3::bday3::bday3:! And together with your beloved man and loved ones a very happy new life's year!
    Hi SLK, I am not entirely sure where to post this but noticed you are a moderator so I am sending you this note. Do you know how to change your password? I had to get a new one as I had forgotten mine and I have one now that is generated but I would like to make it something I will remember. Any ideas?

    Never mind the interruption, I figured it out! Silly me...sorry to bother you. cya on the boards. Jules
    do you ever give advice? i just joined and posted a message and i dont see it posted. but i just realized it has to be moderated. let me know if i could ask you
    Love can be

    expressed in a myriad of different

    methods, but the most timeless and

    most treasured will always remain

    the classic love...

    David .A.
    I love your picture MsKitty. I am so crossing my fingers hoping that things work out this time. I love the man so much!
    for some reason i am soooooooo pleased that you are back with your ym... I just had a feeling.........k
    So what is going on???? No up date on "tell me ..." thread. Are you 2 doing ok? Are you ok? Whatup girlfriend?? :prayer: Hoping all is well.
    Hey there, I liked your questions on my post, I have replied, thanks heaps!
    Hey hun! Cute name. Happy New Year to you and Nick when it comes.
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