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  • Hey hi Stiletto! It must be wonderful having your man around you especially TODAY!
    Hi Stiletto! When I think about you,, I see so much happiness!
    How was the re-living of your honeymoon in that nice spa-hotel with lots of hot baths. Hehe! You do not have to tell me, :)I only hope to hear that it was heaven for you&Chris!

    Good to hear that you had good contact with his mother.
    Hey, thanks for the welcome back! Sorry it took so long to respond, been crazy busy! Good to be back! Posting when I can! I don't think I'll ever leave, LOL! This is HOTEL CALIFORNIA! HAHAHAHAHA!
    Hi there I am new to the site after googling while in a fit of apprehension over my long distance age different relationship. I checked you out cause I see there is a similar distance in age with you and your guy too. It's nice to see a success. We are not just age and distance but our backgrounds and culture is different too but somehow we just love. We have loved for almost two years both off cam and then on for last year. Anyway as I get to know people on this site I look forward to seeing more about how well it is for your relationship. Cheers!
    Thank you! Good to be back! Not exactly sure what drew me back 2 men, one is 52 and the other is 27, LOL, guess I just missed the place! :)
    Lol sorry I haven't been online. Chris was here from Feb 17 to Mar 3 and we make the most of what little time we have.
    Dear Stiletto! I wish you all the succes with the immigration proces you both are in.
    Yes, to your new avatar! I like to see pics!
    Thank you!! I like yours, too =) I think this forum could be fun, people have many interesting viewpoints. :)
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