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  • Thanks Hickie,
    I love coming here, reading the threads and giving my input where I feel I have something to offer. While I don't have a monumental age gap, I've had an interest in age gap relationships, and all of the social stigma surrounding them, for a long time.
    Happy New Year to you too Bob! Thank you for all the advice you have shared with me since I have been a member of the forums. Hopefully this year will bring many positive things for us!
    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the friend request. I have been on AgelessLove since Nov 2004 and I enjoy the dialog, and like giving people support for their AGR's.

    I met my wife through Cherry Blossoms in 1991 and we corresponded for a year before I went to meet her in her hometown of Digos, Davao del Sur, at the southern end of Mindanao. They are located 30 miles from Davao City, a major hub in that part of Mindanao. We married in July 1993. She was 19 and I was 34 when we first started corresponding and she was, like you say, very mature for her age. Many kids in that part of the world have a lot of responsibility at a very early age. She used to open her mother's refreshment store and help with the business before and after school.

    We've been married 16 years and have two boys, aged 5 and 14.
    Hi SummerBob, I'm Dave in Detroit. Seems like we have some parallels. The Pinay that I intend to marry is still in the Philippines, on Mindanao, the biggest southern island. I'm 54 & she's soon to be 23 but far more mature at her age than I was, she's an ate/manang (eldest daughter/sister) from a small village. We met online at a global social networking free site, so the IMBR does not apply. My intentions are (funds dependent) is to go there after my current computer project finishes around May or June of 2010. I call her almost daily, & had talked with her father, 2 of her 10 aunts & uncles, 2 of her numerous cousins, & at least 6 girlfriends of hers as well.

    You and I with only some slight disagreements seem to think along the same lines on several of the threads I believe. I've applied to 'befriend' you.
    Ha! If I just read your profile, I would've found out about you more. I'm such an idiot. Oh well. Have a good day.
    Sorry I took so long to check your response. What you say makes perfect sense and I agree. If you appreciate your partner then you will not do anything to sabotage the relationship and you will always strive for a 'win win' situation for the both of you.
    I think appreciation is one of the secrets of success. When you truly appreciate the other person and don't take them for granted, you can iron out all of the petty little differences that will inevitably come between you. I was alone for a long time before I met my wife, and had pretty much everything I wanted materially -- cars, motorcycle, hobbies, travel, etc. When I got married those things weren't as important to me, so I was able to focus on what really matters in life --- relationships, kids and family. Thanks for the compliment on the pics!
    15 years is a long time nowadays and you should feel really good about reaching such a milestone. I've been with my partner for 8yrs and oh how it seems like only yesterday since we met. I saw the photos of your family and they are lovely. I don't recall you posting about any issues since I've been here so my question is what's the secret to a happy age gap union? Hey, not that I don't think you have issues as well but you seem to work them out on your own.
    BTW -- Thanks for the friendship request. I had to write my last message in a hurry because I was in the middle of something. We're not really supposed to be doing this at work. I met my sweets in the Philippines through a pen-pal club and traveled over there to meet her in '92. It was an interesting experience to say the least, but if I had it to do over I'd do it 100 times! We've been together for 15 years and have two boys, aged 12 and 3. I created a photo album, and when I have time I'll upload some pics. Great to meet you!!
    I'm your first, woo hoo! How are you?
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