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    hey- you've been so quiet- s'up?
    Picture is up in the photo album section. My new AR-15 is in the album "Eugene's Rifle Evolved". Read the album description to understand the album name. :)
    Well, I couldn't find a revolver I wanted so I ended up buying a reputable and inexpensive (as far as these kinds of rifles go at least) AR-15 rifle. It can basically fully loaded (in terms of features) and even with two 30 round mags. I even picked up 300 rounds of cheap ammo for it while I was at it. I don't have pictures of it yet but it looks more like the Army's M4 rifles. I'm looking forward to getting a drum mag for it too and a reflex sight for it. :)
    Sorry I've been away from the forum. Well, it's an inside joke really. One of my husbands friends started calling me that and it sort of stuck when my husband began using it as a term of endearment. I finally gave up and have embraced it. It became my more risque email and yahoo ID.

    Hi SuperGirl... when i mentioned the third woman, it was based on another thread in the relationship support section, where the same member talked of a major issue with a his girl bringing a third woman into the mix and spending all her time with the new girl. go read it, and then you will see what i mean. I put 2 and 2 together... or rather... 2 and 3 together... ar ar ar....
    I actually haven't shot it yet. I just got my hands on 700 rounds of Romanian surplus ammo in a "Spam" can. So it should be fun. If you can imagine 75 rounds non-stop swiss cheesing the snot out of a cardboard box you got the idea. :)
    You're welcome. New AK photos. I got a DRUM mag. :) Oh man it's so awesome lol :D Bump fire is gonna be really fun with that thing. :)
    I found out, if you go to the Tromix site, they'll list some ammo that is reliable with the Saiga. This should help you cut costs and find cheaper "fun" ammo for it :)
    hey supergirl, thanks for checking up on me. I'm doing ok, trying not to get too ahead of myself and take things slowly, one day at a time. I'm such a planner that it's hard for me to s-l-o-w down but I'm trying :)
    Thanks for the kind comments on my photo album sweetie. Take care of yourself out in the country there!
    Hey Supergirl
    I'm doing good. Riding my bike and bellydancing and stuff.
    I may even have a new love interest!!!!! Early days yet - will keep you posted but I'm going on a REAL date tomorrow with a man, in REAL life! How cool is that?
    How are you going? Take care of you!
    Yeah It's gonna be next month when we do it but it's gonna be a blast. :) Buying ammo in bulk is fun. :) lol
    As R. Lee Ermey (AKA Gunny) would say, OOORRAAHH! :D We are going to have ammo of assorted "flavors" amounting to over 1000 rounds. And we are going to try and shoot, ALL of it. lol :D
    We are always good. But there will be guns. Near us will be a rifle range. So we'll be packing all the guns and ammo we can slam the trunk on. :)
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