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  • YES I AM! My lil cousin goes home this weekend. I love the lil squirt he's cool and all but geez he's hyper. He has ADHD so yeah he doesn't do "calm" despite the lack of sugar or caffeine or both. I have just ADD (Praise God it's not ADHD). Other than that these next few weeks I'm getting ready for camping with one of my best friends.
    We may have a thread about it somewhere. Let me first look and see if I can find that and I will PM you. If I can't find it, I'll PM you anyway and tell you how to do it.

    Thanks for adding me as a friend.

    I just have to tell you how much some of your posts make me LAUGH- when I read your post to Mr 'I'm so freakin big' last night, I almost lost it! LOL
    HEY EVERYONE! I'M GREAT! hehe! Just a blonde that doesn't pay attention to the dates!!! Gimme a break! I was bored and tired, stuck in a hotel room with nothing to do except READ, READ, READ!!!! hehe
    Hey Supergirl, Is everything ok? I keep seeing orchid post that you are resurrecting old streams......maybe you could let everyone know you are ok.
    Yeah, I only do it locally though. I like to be able to sit down with the person and talk to them one on one. I'm sure you could find someone locally to do a reading... there are tarot readers and astrologers everywhere you
    turn. :)
    What's up, yeah I guess the latter. You would certainly qualify :p
    Wishing you a (early) Happy 40th, in case I forget. And don't worry - being 40 isn't all that bad. After 5 days, I'm already used to it!
    Well I think boredom set in waiting for the Uld patch, but I'm sorta enjoying it again LOL!

    It is a small world indeed :)
    It's cool, I didn't take it offensively but it did make me think that my user name could be confused by some! I didn't think of that when I joined up!
    Hi there, no not Hunter as in "MILF Hunter"! More like Hunter as in my first name. Nice to meet you.
    thanks for the welcome, nice to know you
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