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    Thanks for the friend request Sweetie28. I like your Dogs. :)
    Thanks for the friend request and the added support on my baby thread..and you're right, we're in a really rough and stressful spot in our lives and relationship. I love him and I know I want to be with him for the long-term..
    Awww thanks :) It's a ways off but we are definitely happy and committed.
    That's awesome that you're renewing your vows.
    You are the best wife ever and I love you so much there are no words that could describe the way I feel about you.
    Congratulations on your your pictures, you both look like a happy and loving couple. Good luck and Merry Christmas!
    Hi Laura,

    no worries about the delay in sending the sympathy card. I'm looking forward to that and the Christmas card. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.

    Hope all is well with you and Mark. :)
    Hello Sweetie! Thank you for the friend! And many congrats to you on your wedding!!!!!

    Hope your weekend is excellent!

    Hey Sweetie, congratulations on your marriage! You should put the pics in an album here so we can see for real! :)
    You posted that you were seeing Mark yesterday ... but you havent said how it went ....... come on come on ... talk girl !!!
    WOW, I had a whole page of text to you then my PC froze! Thanks for the add to your friends list. I read ALL your posts, you seem to have alot of wisdom and ALOT more mature than I was at your age...(perhaps more than I am now as well hehehe). Lots more to say as time goes on and my CRS subsides.
    Hey Sweetie28! Thanks for the add! I hope all is going well! :)
    Hello Seetie 28,
    Would love to be friens with you and should you want , please contact me on ;

    Take care.
    hi im joe age 48 never married no kids still pic is at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/MOONPANTSJOE im in cleveland ohio usa..or email me at:
    TICKLEPMALE@HOTMAIL.COM ...i am 5'11" 178 lbs athletic built
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