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The Shadow
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    Hi Michael! How have you been?
    Hey Michael, no problem! :) Today and tomorrow may be rough for me to take a moment to send the pix but I will do so ASAP. Hope you have a Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you before then.
    Hey Michael! It was nice talking to you too! I wanted to send you a picture of the scope but it was too dark and the camera phone wouldn't take it so I had to do it on my camera. Want me to PM it to you? (PS You need to get Facebook!)
    ahhhh ok.Thinking back to your nic.I have a dog her name is Abby,Id swear she was Lucifer,as she demon dog sometimes.The only time she is "good" is when shes asleep.
    oops posted it on the wrong profile

    oh that's nice lol I am tempted to send my cousin [whom my sister is sending on a book search] also on a book search but I only want one book, I will pay for it and it's one of the titles that my sister is asking him for. He's in Japan and I want Shinpachi Nagakura's novel about the Meiji Revolution...
    ugh I would never survive lol, I nearly die when it's just 97, I would never handle over 100; as it is I kinda am a hermit on those days, I sit inside and work on commissions in front of my AC unit. *sways her tail* so anything new?
    Ah, I tore out a sink and painted my mother's glass studio today as well as helped her build some was
    *smiles sweetly* it's nice to meet you Michael, Lucy isn't the name on my birth certificate, but it is the name I go by, incidentally it is my grandmother's name as well lol.

    Anyway, since I am already taking up space on your comments box, how are you today?
    Lol thank you, it's a pun that wasn't spelled right, a better pun would be LucyFur, because my name is Lucy and I am a furry but I like it this way anyway. Thanks for the welcome!
    Well, I couldn't very well have a friend's list and not have you on it, could I?

    It takes a bit of adjusting to this, but it's most like a myspace within the site. You have a profile you can decorate up any way you want, a photo album attached to it to post your pics, and people can leave you messages here in your comment box. These messages also can be read by anyone, so if you have anything private you still have to send it via PM.

    ((hugs)) Michael..I hope things are going well for you!
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