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  • Oh, and if any scum bag men read this here's my address:
    13404 E 84TH ST N OWASSSO OK, 74055. So, if any of you "men" (believe me I use the term VERY loosely considering how disgusting and evil men are) think it's EVER okay to hit a woman, well, come hit me!!!!!!!!! You want to beat someone up over your tiny willy so bet it but take it out on me not some defenseless woman!!!!! (I would like to make a note to ANY man that has so much as raise their hand against a woman: You are scum, deserving of everything they get. Please, I am a man but I know male judges can't be trusted.
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    this is out of line and deemed acceptable by Whiterose. This man is clearly unstable..
    the second half of that post
    I admit, I hate men in general, the vast majority of men are racist/sexist/homophobic etc. Ladies that read this don't feel bad. You are far superior to most men you meet and and are far more capable than the VAST MAJORITY of men you meet.
    I estimate about only 1% of men actually have the mental factualty necessary to be a good father/husband.
    Any guys out there that dare call themselves "men" I sure as hell hope you know you are the furthest thing from a "man" as can be. You deserve eternal damnation as well as ultimate suffering. To any men here: Your woman depends on you for love/comfort/guidance etc. if you can't offer that -- what a woman needs then please, realize you are as far from a "man" as possible. More like a little boy that cried whenver he doesn't get his way; that's how the vast majority of men are like.
    And this very sexist/misogynistic/racist judge should be drawn and quartered. I hate judges, I hate men in general considering their stupid, retarded "macho" thing going on. Even as a man myself I have to say to you women be VERY careful what man you get because the vast majority of "men" will rape/beat you. It's sad, but when you are part of a inherently flawed gender what do you expect?
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