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  • Hi Firewater
    I always like when I visit a city that I do not know or do not know well to have a local person act as a guide. So what ever you want to do .I will be glade to be a guide if you want one. So let me know what you deside to do. Plus I want you show that New Yorkers are not to busy for to help a visitors. As far as eating I do not think there is any food type you can not get in New York .And you can eat in five star Restaurants all the way to eating at a push cart. When you are in New York you should try a Chocolate Egg Cream . (by the way that is a soda.) Thank for your wishes about Debby and Angle and I. Like your statement ( I like to let him feel in control). That sounds a lot like me I do pretty what Debby ask. But I put it to that I am so much in love with Debby!
    I will be waiting for your Message from you. Bob
    Just reread your messages, unfortunately our vacation is set in stone and cannot be moved from July 13th. Me and my OM are not picky about Eating and like to try new foods, the only requirement is no bars, pubs, clubs or drinking spots as I am not 21.
    Hello Trolleycar, you are very generous in your offer! I need to talk about all of this with my OM obviously (I like to let him feel in control ;) ) and get back to you. I am very happy for you and how great your relationship is going! I will message you again soon
    Hi Mebel
    Thanks for your answer.
    Well the latest report from my love affair, Debby's Daughter is now calling me Dad.
    She told me that her so happy that her mother has found someone she is so in love with.
    And this is from a ten year old girl. Debby told she will be ready to make the move in about a week to ten days. and then she said then she will be flying to me. And I said her take it easy or your arms will get tired. I have a plan that when Debby comes out of the US custom area at JFK airport. I and going make it official ask Debby to marry me.
    Thanks again Bob
    Hi trolleycar. Thanks for your friendship request.

    I like your dog, the black one. I had a husky once when I was a kid. We didn't know that husky howls (sounds more like crying) instead of barking when it gets upset. In addition to that one of the eyes was blue and other was black/brown/hazel (I don't remember). Someone told my mother it's a bad omen if pet dogs cry. She made me gave it away..... Now I know it's their nature to howl and heterochromia is common among husky. I miss that dog.
    Hi! I just had to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts, even though it's kind of hard, you do have some accent! Where are you from? I was also nosey and looked your photos while I was here. I'm a dog lover and Waldo and Ralph are really cute and your comments show how you relate to them. It's so nice and you are so funny. I wish you wholeheartedly the best of everything in the future with your new girlfriend from the UK and her little daughter. Karen
    Hi! Mebel Thank you for the New Years Wish! I would Be happy To show you some of my Winter Photo's , I am in the Middle of scanning A mess of prints in to digital Format and I still have figure out attach a photo to a PM. Plus I will leaving to go to leave in to he morning London to meet my Girl Friend and her Daughter and they will be flying back to the US with me.
    I will be back in ten days. If I can figure out how to attach photos I will sent some over to you Tonight. Have you ever heard of Photographer how did not want to Show this work?
    I do not know what I am more excited showing off by work ,or to have my girl friend coming to live with me.
    Me thinks there will be a June Wedding. It is good to know you
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