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  • :)Thank you! Nice! you have that link connected again. Happy for that family!
    Hi Whiterose! What happened with that little boy? I was reading and checking his mothers blog several times these years. I do not have that link /adress saved but maybe you can give it to me.
    I hope, after seeing that you changed your avatar in a black and white rose, that that boy is doing fine.
    What's up white rose. Can you please show me how to post a new thread, I looked in faq, but it didn't say anything in there. Thanks.
    hey thanks for the welcome.. i really dont know what the email was about then so thankyou anyways :)
    hey.. im new here.. i got an email some point last night but i was half asleep when i read it and accidentally deleted it.. i THINK it said something about someone posting on my thread and their post being deleted.. can i ask why that is..?
    thanks xx
    hiya! Is it normal to be logged out after a short time of being inactive? I realize it may be a security precaution, but while I'm off doing other stuff, it's kind of a hassle to have to keep signing in over and over.

    Thank you so much..I just didn't want to lose my cool with anyone and get myself possibly banned from the forum. I figured deleting the whole thread was the adult and mature thing to do.
    Hi, sorry to bother you like this..but would you please remove my thread on the Sexually Speaking board, "Waiting till marriage.." I believe it will be for the best so it doesn't keep on esculating, plus I have felt disrespected to be honest..
    Hello.. How long does it take before a new members post appears? Thanks
    V long does it usually take for a new member's post to appear? my boyfriend posted mid-afternoon (PST) and it's still not showing. :-( He is mandolinhooper.


    dearest Katrina... how is your niece doing... she has been with me in my heart and prayers.... mskitty....
    I can't send any PMs so I have to post the issue here. Everytime I try to PM someone it acts like it sends then shows 0 in my sent box. Hope this post goes through.
    Dear Katrina,

    Thanks a lot for having me on your site. Now I'd like to delete my profile and all my Ads but don't know how. Could you please cancel them for me? Thank you very much again.

    Best regards,
    hello how are u im in ivybridge in devon right on the edge of dartmoor
    Thank you so much Katrina for your kindness of helping me with sweet blessing:).
    May GOD bless you as well,
    Dear Katrina,

    I love the picture of your powerful cat! It'd be nice if the eyes can be rolling too :).
    I posted 2 Ads last night but wasn't sure where to click to post 1 Ad, so I just clicked on reply expecting my Ad to be the next one after the others under the Category of OW seeks YM with the Form to fill out about my details, that's the one I'm talking about.

    Since I've not seen my 2 Ads yet; therefore could you please kindly let me know if I did wrong so they're not posted?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Sincere regards,
    Hi Katrina

    Was wondering if you could please take a look at my User Control Panel. I am unable to edit my profile etc. Thanks in advance! :)
    kartrina, how long are you guys going to let this polly thread go on for? now it is like a bad trainwreck- no worse- the victoin is nowhere to be seen-it's all this hypothesizing etc. really someone needs to step in and end this.
    Thank you very much. Please change it to Mrs. "Z"
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