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    I know and I so can't wait!! So far it is going WONDERFULLY!! I will let you know when his interview will be soon. Right now he is doing police checks and medical...I can't wait to just see him face to face
    I put my Santa picture in the 'control' field and the different .gifs I just put in the different profile fields (I think it was secondary content for the snow).

    I love your profile. Elegant and cool!
    I don't know if we even are allowed to enter the contest :p
    But Christmas is a big thing in my house, so I had to decorate my profile as well as I'm starting some decoration in my house tomorrow :p
    Oh...well I spoke to soon, I woke up {really late : o ) } and its sunny and lovely out...and for me cold is only like 30 degree's I am going to attempt to walk the dogs today at the beach and see how the wrist works....have a lovely Sunday!
    Hello: Thank you so much for checking on me...I am doing well...slow go but at least progress is being made...I am typing and writing better and I am grateful for that.... How are you doing? Fall isn't my favorite time of year as winter comes on its I am just trying to be out doors as much as the weather allows for now, because soon enough its going to be to wet and cold...

    Blessings, Jann
    Im sure it was a part of it.Tho my foot Dr,seems to think its from the way I walk on my feet.If you rememeber last year,I had the about the same surgery on my left.After he looked at the Xrays,and watch me walk,he's come to cluesion,Im putting to much pressure on the outside my feet.He said from the Xrays,he see how my feet are some-what deformed.I've always had problems with my feet,from them hurting,to my ankles turning on me,as I walk.

    Last week,he took a mold of my feet for some inserts that will help correct them.The problems,there nearly $500.thats $500 i aint got.So When I go back this next Monday,Im going to ask (more like beg) him to release me,if I get some new shoes,unit I can come up with the money.I think with the new shoes,feet would be reasonble alinement.

    Im going to send you a PM.
    your friend,Michael
    Hi Whiterose,

    its going ok,I suppose.Here about 3 months had some foot surgery on my right foot.I lost the pinky toe 4th and 5th mentarzal(not spelled right sorry).The healing is going well,hope to relased soon,so I can return to work.How are things with you?
    your friend,Michael

    I joined this site today, I posted a new thread, but it hasn't showed up yet, how long does it take to come on the system? Did i do it correctly?
    ROFL I love your cat picture LOL...that is ADORABLE. We have a cat now he was a runt from some outdoor cat and it is the only one we could tame...we named him Ghetto..because he is homeless ROFL
    Hi long time no hear Whiterose. You're the first person that I thought of that may direct me to the right place. Remember the Unofficial msn member photos? How can I get there/ access the page? I have a picture on there with me and my long hair.
    Hello Whiterose...
    I haven't posted much here, but thought I'd put a photo up anyway. I did but it doesn't show up when I post. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. How di I get my pic to post? thank you. Raphaelle
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