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  • :)So nice to hear from you, and that you had a beautiful day!
    Well as you may already know autumn here is,, suddenly so cold and rainy. Brrr and because temperature dropped so quick,, and for me even more, (because last weekend still pampered by the hot sun in greece,) i got sick with a nasty cold and stayed in and around my bed yesterday .(feeling, bit better today).
    Zingagirl I am really glad that your daughter found her job here, that is good news from oversea and gives you a peace of mind too.
    And that sounds good and would be a good plan to meet in springtime!
    :cake:And again one new happy year wish to you!:birthday09: I hope you have a beautiful day today! How is your daughter in Den Bos doing? Still happy here? Today our weather is sunny and nice! LOts of love!
    Zingagirl!! :bday3::bday3::bday3::bday3::bday3::cake:Van Harte Gefeliciteerd!
    We are back from our heavenly week!I will tell more later on my thread.
    I wish you a very very good B-day and a happy new lifeyear!!
    Hi! Still a tough time with her! Still not really possible to leave her, or to let her sleep alone at night.
    But I managed to make myself free for a few days to be with Kevin tomorrow! XXX
    Thank You very much! Yes kevin is great these day's too! and so very supportive!
    :)Hi! Yes.thank you! I am very well! And my lovelife is so strong with Kevin!
    Sure, I can imagine how you feel not going too to Londen. to see her!
    Last 2 full weeks I, suddenly, had to take care 24 hours a day for my mother in her house! She was sick and disorientated with huge, also suddenly,panic moments! One big project it was! I had to be around her almost every minute , day and night!
    But since yesterday ,and in the coming weeks i organized a schedule. By asking all her friends and our family too to help take care of her. And she is doing a bit better since 2 days..:) And with Kevin today:)
    Aha!! Yes! Den Bosch (same as 's hertogenbosch) That's 1 and an half hour south from my town by car! Beautiful old city indeed! Nice to hear more!
    hello Zingagirl....hw r u today
    No problem! I notice your name online at times (sorry it stands out, I like it, lol) and didn't want to miss the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday! Love your profile picture btw, it's nice to put a face to the name! Thanks for the well wishes on my recent wedding! :)
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