Ahhh yes...back on the boards again after a short leave of absence..thankfully because of good things and not bad...~laffs~ Just to refresh memories or inform new comers I'm 44 from Pennyslvania, divorced, and hold too many **** jobs to even remember them all! ~lol~ Still studenting it part time...ahem.. made the Dean's List..~smiles~..although Philosophy killed my 4.0...~frowns~ Wouldn't ya think a 93% would be an A??? ~sighs~...ahh well, I can live with a 3.925. It does take some pressure off! Now where was I...oh yeah..I'm very eclectic in likes. They range from karaoke..and yes I sing...to sporting events to the beach to theatre. I dislike snobs, liars and thieves. Can't really say what I'm looking for....it's not a committment...nor strictly a bed buddy...I guess something more along the lines of dating/friends with benefits/personal space/substance..~laughing~ You take it from there!! If I let anything out just ask..~s~ And just cause I'm sooOOOOooo happy...one more week of work then the summer's mine!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!