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  1. Angel

    YM Finds My Aging a Turn-on?

    This morning my husband & I were having general conversation and the topic of my upcoming birthday came up. I told him I couldn't believe I would be 39 this year and 40 next year. It's the first big-0 birthday that feels intimidating. My husband, on the other hand, can't wait. He said just...
  2. Angel

    Happy Birthday Truckman!

    Happy Birthday! :bday3:
  3. Angel

    Happy Birthday Bob's Babydoll!

    Happy Birthday :bday3:
  4. Angel

    Happy Birthday Odd Even!

    Happy Birthday! :bday3:
  5. Angel

    Happy Birthday Karlsgirl!

    Happy Birthday! :bday3:
  6. Angel

    Happy Birthday Catlover!

    Happy Birthday! :bday3: Hope you're having a great day!
  7. Angel

    Happy Birthday Whiterose!

    Happy Birthday Katrina! May today be blessed not just because it is Easter, but because it is your birthday as well. You and I have been through a lot (well, virtually) together and I am thankful to have gotten to know you. (((Katrina))) Hope your day rocks! :)
  8. Angel

    Happy Birthday ClarkUSA1969

    Happy Birthday! :bday3:
  9. Angel

    Happy Birthday eponavet!

    Happy Birthday beth! :) Hope this year's b-day is the best with Chris in town!
  10. Angel

    Happy Birthday Shewolf!

    Happy Birthday Shewolf! :bday3:
  11. Angel

    Private Message Spam

    If you receive a PM from someone named "SecurityID" do not respond or click on their links. They are spammers. Ageless does not and would not contact the membership for donations. Ageless is and continues to remain a free to use site. Thanks! Ageless Staff
  12. Angel

    Happy Anniversary Dev & Ellethe!

    Happy Anniversary! ...and many more!
  13. Angel

    Happy Birthday Ellethe!!!

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday amazing lady! Happy Birthday to you! (...and many more!!!) (LOL - that picture made me think of Leroy. He'd do that! :tongue2:)
  14. Angel

    Happy Birthday Lady In Waiting!

    Happy Birthday! :bday3:
  15. Angel

    Happy Birthday Zingagirl!

    Happy Birthday! :bday3:
  16. Angel

    Happy Birthday SheLikesKitties!

    Feliz Cumpleaños! :bday3:
  17. Angel

    Early Congrats - LadyInWaiting & TallGuy

    I noticed that your wedding ticker is down to three days and out of fear I will not remember in three days, I wanted to congratulate you on your upcoming nuptials. So before I forget:
  18. Angel

    Happy Birthday Pink Cat!

    Have a purrrfect birthday! :bday3:
  19. Angel

    Happy Birthday SummerBob!

    Happy Birthday! :bday3:
  20. Angel

    What Are You Listening To?

    This thread is for members to share songs you like or love. Post as many or as little times as you'd like. You can link the songs via YouTube or just list the title. Whatever you prefer! :)