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    should I give up on this guy and show him the door?

    Ok, so a couple years ago I met this younger man, fell in love, posted here about my joy and passion, and now we're in phase II: wondering if this is really a long-term thing. Starting about six months ago he started holding me at arm's length, not being sure about anything, making me feel...
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    So, this show will air here in the states on Friday. I didn't know about this couple before today. I definitely want to watch this. Mary Kay Letourneau & Vili Fualaau Sit Down with Barbara Walters - Pic | I found these to be illuminating as well...
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    what do you do with your past?

    Does anyone who is the older person in the relationship ever experience difficulty letting go of the past? Things are really great with my 25 y.o. man; we have been together 10 months, and keep making plans for the short term future though we have no long term commitment-- which still feels...
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    best birthday ever!!!

    who would have known that turning 43 would be the best birthday ever??? thanks to my sweetie!! we're on our 10th month together now... and he MADE me the most beautiful and delicious cake (raw vegan! watermelon / coconut!!). I was AMAZED. and we had a great time together swimming in a...
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    Nine Successful Months

    Hi everyone, About 8 months ago I joined this forum to talk about the gorgeous young man I'd started dating, and my nervous anxiety about it all. Folks pointed out that there was no need to get all anxious seeing as how we'd just met and still hardly knew each other. Well, just wanted to check...
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    Falling Deeply in Love

    Hi! I just came across this forum a couple days ago and I like it a lot. I'm surprised I didn't find it earlier since for years now I've been doing a lot of internet research trying to accept the age-gap dating I was doing, and though I found some interesting information (I love this article...