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  1. NY10

    Survey Request

    Hello Ageless, the owner of the website was sent this email and has passed it along to me the admin. This is a survey for the men on this site, we have checked it out and it is legit and that is the only reason that I gave permission for it to be posted on here. If you would like to take the...
  2. NY10


    Hello to all, As some of you have seen or have been noticing there have been several changes on AL. First we have a now have a mod SummerBob who has taken the place of SLK. He will be helping me run the site and of course like always any issues or concerns he is available to assist you as am...
  3. NY10

    Puppy Arriving

    It's been over a month since I love my dog and the pain has gotten better but the absence of not having that unconditional love is truly still unbearable. After much looking and studying and going back and forth we have decided that a new dog is a must and tomorrow we will pick up our new puppy...
  4. NY10

    New Dog?

    It's been four days now since my beloved dog has been gone. The pain is not as sever and I have to admit that I am more at peace with my choice than I was on Monday night. A lot of my family and friends have been so loving and supportive and the amounts of messages and understand I have gotten...
  5. NY10

    A very Sad Day

    This morning I had to make the horrible gut wrenching decision to put my dog to sleep. As most of you will remember my dog has been battling with diabetes for the last year and her health has gotten worse. She lost site in both her eyes and while she adjusted very fast and well to that major...
  6. NY10

    What kind of car do you drive and why?

    I had a pretty interesting conversation the other day with a group of friends talking about todays cars and why people choose what they drive. How did you pick your car and what was the reason behind it? Good on gas? Type of gas it takes? Best deal? New or used? I know a lot of people don't...
  7. NY10

    First Thanksgiving!!!!

    I have NO idea what I have gotten myself into but it looks like I am about to embark on cooking and hosting my first ever Thanksgiving. My SO and me were talking last month about our plans for the holiday and I had the genius idea that I will cook it this year, of course that would be...
  8. NY10

    September 11 13 years Later

    Today is a day that I know will be on the minds of everyone across the world. For me as a New Yorker and someone who so clearly remembers that day and the days and weeks even years after. I was 14 and in 9th grade when the attacks took place. I was in social studies class about a week into my...
  9. NY10

    Buying A New Car

    I will be looking into buying a new car in the next week or so. For something that should be fun I have been going insane, between seeing what is out there, going over the package deals and finding the best car for my needs I have narrowed the search down to Audi or BMW. Both are great cars from...
  10. NY10

    House Explosion

    In my town on LI New York a home blew up and took out 2 other houses and 8 cars, one is dead fire started at 8:30 and was just contained now! 150 firefighters 17 fire departments were called its criminal investigation as of right now due to the fact they believe it was started on purpose from...
  11. NY10

    Birthday Love for My love

    Today was my OM's 48th birthday and we had an amazing night. Last night I cooked a big dinner for him and we relaxed and watched movies. Tonight I took him out for a romantic dinner followed by music in the park (he isn't a big birthday type and likes relax and low key) so we kept it very mellow...
  12. NY10

    Technology can suck

    Tonight has been an eventful night in the household as far as electronics are concerned. First the brand new Blu Ray/DVD has been giving my amazing boyfriend a run for his money for the last 3 hours my iPhone has completely shut down on me and I can't live without my phone so I had to contact...
  13. NY10

    3 positive things about your day

    There is this new "game" going around Facebook that you tag a friend and that person has to write 3 positive things about their day for the next 5 days. I thought it would be kinda cool to do the same here. It's so easy to talk about drama and negative things and there is always a lot of that...
  14. NY10

    Dog is now completely blind

    :( Yesterday my boyfriend woke me up super early to tell me that the dog could no longer see. It was a very stressful and painful day but we monitored her a lot throughout the day. She seemed very depressed and not her normal self, it was very tough to watch her walk slow and not be her normal...
  15. NY10

    Back From Paradise

    The views were breathtaking
  16. NY10

    Back From Paradise

    Some pictures of the amazing place I stayed
  17. NY10

    Back From Paradise

    We spent an amazing few days in the Bahamas and it was beyond wonderful. We relaxed and just laid out in the sun, ate and drank and had the best time. One thing about being away is that you see a mix of such different couples, young honeymooners, older married couples, gay couples interracial...
  18. NY10

    Why do people feel the need to be nasty?

    One thing I have learned or have noticed in that some people are very unhappy with their lives, they don't like their job, their partner their weight what ever it is. Some people are just very unhappy and feel the need to voice their dislike for everything at anytime. I mostly ignore the...
  19. NY10

    Dog has Diabetes

    Today my dog was diagnosed with diabetes. For the last few weeks I knew something was very wrong but was just hoping it wasn't real or it would go away. She had all the signs so today we took her to the vet and her levels were outrageous. 677 :eek: We now have to give her insulin shots twice a...
  20. NY10

    The Romantic Clean Out Your Inbox

    I can't PM you until you make some space.