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  1. Slow Worm

    New Year greetings!

    New Year greetings to all the remaining AgelessLove members. SW
  2. Slow Worm

    Hen Fercheten

    Over two months since the last post! A bit of light-hearted and OW/YM related trivia – schlager music seems to have reached Wales. Welsh band Eden have put together clog dancers, a pop background and a traditional song about a woman of mature years intent on remaining single but enjoying the...
  3. Slow Worm

    27 years ....

    Ann and I have been back to the spot where we first kissed, on Dec 7th 1992, beside a duckpond near Arundel, Sussex. Hard to believe 27 years have gone by together since then. SW
  4. Slow Worm

    Last words ...

    I had a look through the last posts of members with 1000+ posts and who have not been back for some time. Some made comments on the lines of 'I don't come here much anymore'. No-one wrote anything like 'This is my last post. Goodbye'. Lots tailed off seemingly in mid-conversation. Many...
  5. Slow Worm

    25 years ago ....

    It was twenty-five years ago this weekend that Ann and I first kissed, beside a duckpond in Sussex. Still going strong ..... SW
  6. Slow Worm

    A high-profile YM for the list

    We have had a few posts about noted politicians, etc, in AGR's, but they always seemed to be OM/YW so far. Where else but France? Emmanuel Macron, 39 year old leader of the new En Marche party and formerly Economy Minister, is married to 63 year old Brigitte Trogneux, once his teacher at the...
  7. Slow Worm

    AGR's not longer noteworthy (at least OM/YW & in UK politics)

    There has been a lot of media coverage here (UK) around the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party (the main opposition party). I noticed that in all the detailed coverage of Corbyn's politics, personal views and even childhood, and some material about his wife (who runs a...
  8. Slow Worm

    Pictures from your countries

    Conniston Water and the Old Man of Conniston, Cumbria, England SW
  9. Slow Worm

    Non-human AGR's - seals

    I was looking for the old thread about primate AGR's to add this, but the thread has disappeared. It seems seals also go in for OW/YM mating. Seals form 'hareems': an older bull will gather a number of females and seek to prevent them mating with other males. Nocturnal obsevation of a seal...
  10. Slow Worm

    The beauty of centennials.

    I was downloading some snaps of my 63 yr old and recalled this comment. Being 63 is no reason to take to pyjamas..... SW
  11. Slow Worm

    Incidental mentions of AGR's in news items

    I've often noticed references to AG couples showing up incidently in news reports on unrelated subjects but never remembered to post them here until this one: this article about the Thames flooding (just four miles upriver from us!) features an OW/YM 21yr AG couple. BBC News - Flood diehards...
  12. Slow Worm

    21 years so far

    Yesterday Ann & I went back to the site of our first kiss, 21 years ago that day. (It was beside one of the ponds at a wildfowl sanctuary, and the spot has hardly changed). SW
  13. Slow Worm

    About this time of year, one hears a student sing ..

    Nothing to do with AGR's but .... This is the season for studentswho are behind with work to start panicing and stop proof-reading. Recent offerings I have marked have included: Cloning was first done with the doll of the sheep. Darwin had a boat called 'The Beatles' Charles Darwin studied...
  14. Slow Worm

    Determined New Zealand YM wins case against parents

    Swimmer Justin Wright wins love battle after taking parents to court | New Zealand teenage swimming champion wins a court case over his parents attempts to stop him competing as part of their strategy to split him up from his OW. SW
  15. Slow Worm

    Where was Pink Cat ? ...... Pink kittens found in Cornwall!

    Pink kittens found living in a disused factory in Redruth, Cornwall. Images and details: CBBC - Newsround - Pink kittens rescued by Cats Protection SW
  16. Slow Worm

    Yuk - YM charged with murdering OW

    This man is no asset to the 13yr gap club!
  17. Slow Worm

    Another new member

    Greetings from a new member ..... although I suppose I have long been qualified to join, my wife and I having just reached the point where we've been together longer than our age gap (15yrs together and 13yrs 'apart', at 56 & 43). She's not as keen on using the Net as I am but may yet join as...