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  1. catlover


    I haven't seen or heard anything from her in a while-am a bit concerned-does anyone know how she is doing?
  2. catlover

    The big boob forum

    I don't know where else to put this so I put it here. Reading the 'bra' thread made me realize there are a number of women here with bigger boobs than my 38D's and I figured it might be a place to share info about dressing them, etc. I've recently discovered a number of retailers who cater to...
  3. catlover

    well we did it

    well that one worked, maybe another one this is us before going to our reception at the funky local bar that served Roti and whatnot. We had two (steel drum) wedding dances-one was Lynyrd Skynrd's 'Tuesdays Gone' and the other was Jimmy Buffet 'A Pirate Looks at 40'
  4. catlover

    well we did it

    not real good with pictures here, but I'll give it a shot Here we are on the boat
  5. catlover

    well we did it

    yep, got married. got back late last night. it was pretty cool. we went to the US Virgin Islands for a week-just his parents went with us. We had to go to the courthouse in St. Thomas (in our wedding gear) to pick up the license, then on to a sailboat to get married. the boat flew the skull...
  6. catlover

    prenup panic

    So I've signed the prenup-its now with him at his lawyers. We wrote it up as a 'what you walk in with you walk out with' agreement. The house we live in is in my name, he has 3 houses (income properties) in his name. He pays half the principal/interest on the house (and the lot and pole barn...
  7. catlover

    supposed to be getting married and panicking

    I have been away a very long time-mostly because things have been smooth since the last culture class (when my cat was put to sleep and he had his friend over the next day) A few months after that he proposed, surprised me with a diamond on a dogbeach in new jersey, and I said yes. Eventually...
  8. catlover

    Heartless or completely ignorant on how to treat people you care about?

    That's what I can't figure out. Had to put my cat to sleep on Friday because of Feline Leukemia. He had been at his friends house in NY all week, came home on Thursday, and the friend came down to stay with his parents Friday nite. I told him that I really didn't want to be social, and didn't...
  9. catlover

    On the horns of a dilemma

    Here's the deal. My b/f comes from a big family. And they like to do all the usual stuff-birthday parties, showers, etc. Today I got an invitation to a baby shower for his younger brother's wife. I actually like this brother quite a bit-he's a nice guy and has always stood up for me. And...
  10. catlover

    need pics for my Intro to Soc students for class project tonite

    AL members- I'm teaching a summer course in intro to Sociology-and we are going to have a class exercise tonite-I'm going to show a series of traditional and non-traditional couples and families and ask students to rate their responses-from awwww! to ewww!. My goal-to get them to think about...
  11. catlover

    Virtual Housewarming Party-Faith! Woo hoo

    all right, i'm going to try to play a catpost for your kitty
  12. catlover

    update on my son's accident

    about 3 weeks ago, as many of you know, my 26 year old son was in a serious car accident, and i was pissed because the b/f appeared to lack sympathy. figured i would update the board. my son has had 5 surgeries since his accident: right elbow rebuilt; right wrist rebuilt; titanium plate in...
  13. catlover

    to angel and rozie

    thanks for your advice guys-i didn't delete because i was 'offended' or anything like that-i will take what you said to heart
  14. catlover

    What makes it work

    Had lunch with a friend of mine yesterday (she's a PSYCH prof) and we got on the topic of OW/YM relationships. She had one years ago with a man 8 years younger, and she was wanted to know what I thought were the factors that contributed to the success of this type of relationship. She had tons...
  15. catlover

    no poo

    seriously a while ago I seem to remember someone posting that they quit shampooing, and that their hair responded well i can't remember who it was, or when, but i would be interested in finding out more. I've been addicted to daily shampooing since high school, switched to non-sls products...
  16. catlover

    What is with all the complaining?

    That is what I'm wondering (nothing to do with threads on this board). My mother was a constant complainer-about anything and everything. It got so draining that I avoiding being around her as much as possible. She would complain about little stuff, big stuff, anything and everything. Never...
  17. catlover

    Horrible, Horrible situation in Pennsylvania

    First, this is a pet forum and as such those posters who wish to say something horrible, nasty, negative NEED TO STAY AWAY-especially anyone who wants to tell me how much better my son would have been if I'd paid more attention to him than to cats (we've been there before). If you want to say...
  18. catlover

    trolls and weinies and boneheads oh my!

    I'm curious-based on my recent experience with a member (now banned)- How does it happen? This person had made nasty comments to another poster before I got into it with him/her-what tipped the scales and got the moderator(s) involved....
  19. catlover

    dual dwelling duos

    Well, I came across this, and it kinda explains our relationship. I live 5 minutes from my job, he lives 5 from his, we live about 30 minutes apart. We both bought our (very small) houses before we were together. We've been together 5 years (in March), and spend 4-5 nights a week together (I...
  20. catlover

    totally, completely disgusting-walmart worker trampled to death by mob

    clearly, our society has spun so far out of control that 'stuff' is more important than people....