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  1. Bella

    First Anniversary

    Today is our first wedding anniversary. Why was I so scared of getting married anyway? Almost 15 years of being together. I just want to remind anyone that it can work, and it can be wonderful, if you both have enough love and commitment to each other. He works overnight tonight, so he'll be...
  2. Bella

    We got married today

    We had a lovely private ceremony at my daughter's home, followed by a delicious prime rib dinner she made. After all these years of me saying I would never get married, here we are. Financially it now just makes more sense. The old timers here know me well. For you new folks, we met when he...
  3. Bella

    Ageless Love Family Reunion Thread

    Hi there! So... a few of us were chatting on Facebook the other day and someone mentioned how fun it would be to have everyone gather here for old time's sake. This weekend is it, a touch back, update kind of thing. Hopefully lots will show up, and I hope people spread the word to those who...
  4. Bella

    Happy Birthday to my man

    Tomorrow David turns 30. Takes him right out of the young man category, according to him. I haven't posted an update in a while, everything's wonderful. It'll be better in 409 days when he graduates from school finally. After a dozen years, we're actually still in love. The grandkids are...
  5. Bella

    So who's going to watch TLC's newest reality show.

    Extreme Cougar Wives- I watched the trailer. This is why I don't even bother to respond to those producers who post here. Not at all interested in being someone's OMG moment. I have had enough of those in real life. That channel used to be great, too bad it descended into Honey Boo Boo...
  6. Bella

    Just feeling blessed

    I've been around forever, here, but for those who are newer and don't know me, my man and I are 28 years apart, and he was not quite 18 when we met. I have a daughter 11 years younger than him, and 3 children older. It's been over 10 years now. When we started, well, honestly, when I gave in...
  7. Bella

    Hey, Rosie!

  8. Bella


    The movie "Tim" is available for instant play on Netflix. It's only available on VHS from what I've found, so I haven't seen it till tonight. Watch it!! Dang, that Mel was pretty before he went crazy.
  9. Bella

    Kye!! It's your birthday!!

  10. Bella

    my brother

    Ok guys, prayers, healing thoughts, whatever you have for my brother's family. He's 49, and is dying of lung cancer, which hit him in a rather nasty fashion. He has tumor behind his eye, and one surrounding his heart, which is the one causing him the most trouble now. It's getting to the...
  11. Bella

    Happy Birthday Mano

    As he quietly slips into being 26, Ageless celebrates the promotion from VYM, to YM, of manomistree. Happy Birthday, my buddy!
  12. Bella

    Happy Day Kye!

    I miss you, hope all is well with you.
  13. Bella


    My son and his family are moving to Wichita sometime in the next few months. Lets get together for coffee!! He's been offered a corporate job with Cargill. They'll probably be moving sometime in July. I'm a slacker for never coming down there to see you in all those years, but I'll have no...
  14. Bella

    To my man....

    I probably won't get him to log on to read this, but maybe. It's his birthday again. This man who nobody thought would still be with me. This very good man, who is unwavering in his love for me, and his commitment to us, in spite of the fact that I can't be easy to live with. If I could, I'd...
  15. Bella

    Two steps forward, one step back.

    So I was watching my guilty pleasure on TV Sunday, Clean House, on the Style Network. They show a couple, mention the fact that she's 46, he's 27. Next scene, closeups of the hosts faces, with leering looks, while in the background, a sound clip of a cougar growling. I have been irritated ever...
  16. Bella

    my beautiful grandkids

    I haven't posted a picture in a while, but we had a really nice day at the zoo today, and I got a good picture of the bunch. They're all getting so big and gorgeous it's amazing.
  17. Bella

    Just a reminder that today is an international holiday, aargh!

    September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Matey!! So avast ye hearties! Swab yer decks, and hoist yer sails, and follow the, uh, piratey rules.
  18. Bella

    Happy Birthday David

    Just an announcement----- Today, my VYM officially turns YM. He never comes here anymore, but anyway, Happy Birthday, you wonderful, sweet, hot, hunk-o-man. I'm so grateful to have had him in my life during this time, I can't even express it.
  19. Bella

    Happy Birthday Dy!!

  20. Bella


    I just found out my daughter threw away all the papers and manuals from all the Sims 2 CDs. So I have all these lovely CDs with no SN# codes to be able to reinstall them to my computer. Would any kind soul be willing to share codes, or give me a clue on how to find them? I have them for the...