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  1. SheLikesKitties

    Nigerian scams

    I have been watching YouTube videos about Nigenian Scams. Most of the victims are older women who fall in love with very handsome (fake) younger men. They send money, and gifts and at the end it is hearbreak. Some have even lost their homes. Is anyone watching this trend?
  2. SheLikesKitties

    Good bye to workers

    I have owned a small company for 25 years. Very small, only 5 workers. Since March their contracts have been suspended. Only one remained, working for home. That means that for 4 or them, I was not paying their salary, but only paying them for odd jobs, while the governments gave them a small...
  3. SheLikesKitties

    Ten year anniversary!

    2020, the year of our 10th anniversary. Because in Panama we have a strict lockdown, we will have a family lunch to celebrate it with my son, his fiance, and my mom. It has to be lunch because everyone has to be home from 7pm to 5 am. It also has to be very intimate, because gatherings are...
  4. SheLikesKitties

    Share your Corona experience

    Hello, I decided this would be a good place to share how are we doing during this pandemic. I live in Panama, as of tomorrow we are in total lockdown. We have only one hour a day to go get supplies. The last number of your ID tells you during which time slot you are allowed to go out for...
  5. SheLikesKitties

    Nine year anniversary!

    We got married 9 years ago. He got me red roses today. Thanks to our Ageless friends for their inspiration and confidence, specially during our early years, back in 2004.
  6. SheLikesKitties

    Older partners: are you doing anything to stay active and even looking younger?

    When you are the older partner, specially in OW/YM relationships, one feels the need to keep younger longer. At present I am exercising, dieting, and doing the usual skin care stuff. Anyone else doing similar stuff?
  7. SheLikesKitties

    Update from Panama

    Hello everybody. This year my husband and I had our 15th anniversary of having met, first online, and then in real life. For those who do not know us, we have a 21.5 year difference, I am now 60 and he is 38. We have had many many ups and downs, including a 9 month break-up back in 2010. Our...
  8. SheLikesKitties

    Seventh marriage anniversary!

    Time flies when you have fun! Today it is our 7th anniversary of being married. There was no wedding, no guests, married before a notary with no family or friends in attendance. Everyone dissapproved of our relationship, so why invite anyone? Life is wonderful! Today we celebrate with a...
  9. SheLikesKitties

    Assorted migration issues.

    MY HUSBAND FINALLY GOT HIS PERMANENT RESIDENCY!!! :bunny_4::bunny_4::bunny_4::bunny_4: We had been trying to get him his residency for 10 years and we finally decided to switch lawyers and voilá, he is a resident now. You may ask why it took us 10 years to change lawyers? Because our lawyer was...
  10. SheLikesKitties

    Needing advice with my son's in-laws to be

    My son has been dating a lovely girl for the last 2 years. She has 2 nephews and 2 nieces, of that age when they are little tornadoes. The parents of these kids have left them at the care of her parents, with whom she lives, so she has quite an extended family. It is quite common that my son...
  11. SheLikesKitties

    Older women, younger men, can it last?

    I love this woman. What an easy way to explain why ow/ym relationships can last.
  12. SheLikesKitties

    Thanksgiving - MY tradition this year

    As you can imagine, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Panama. However my mom used to work for a US government agency and she always had Thanksgiving off. So my mom, grandma and I would pick a hotel that catered to Americans, and we had the buffet lunch, with turkey, stuffing and all the...
  13. SheLikesKitties

    13 years

    Yesterday, Nick reminded me that we met 13 years ago. I am terrible at anniversaries, so it was sweet that he remembered. We were in the clouds yesterday.
  14. SheLikesKitties

    6 year wedding anniversary!

    Today Nick and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. Last year we both forgot the date, and we had the hilarious Xmas gift incident, when he tried to pretend that he had a gift for me and produced one of those generic gifts that I buy every year, covered in Santas and dust for being on a...
  15. SheLikesKitties


    Once again, problems with immigration. I am sick and tired of this, and if Ageless would allow cuss words, this post would be one curse after another. At this point I am so upset and angry, angry at myself, and angry at the lawyer. At me for being stupid. At the lawyer for being a liar. It...
  16. SheLikesKitties

    Slow Age

    I wonder why Ageless is so slow these days: I think that some of us old timers are used to our age gaps and do not need to share stories and/or request advise. Or maybe pages like Ageless unknowingly fulfilled their mission of creating a more tolerant society where age gaps, racial/cultural...
  17. SheLikesKitties

    Honest people

    This Christmas I have been scatter brained. I have left my purse/wallet in not one but two super busy stores, and both times it was returned to me intact, containing cellphone, car keys, and cash. Sigh I hope I become more careful soon. No need to tempt luck.
  18. SheLikesKitties

    Code Blue

    I have had a difficult few days with Nick, he got bronchitis and at one point he could not breathe and was asphyxiating. Fortunately he recovered and I was not going to wait for a repeat so I took him to the nearest ER, after promising him I would not let them intubate him. As we arrived at...
  19. SheLikesKitties

    How much of a non-issue has your age gap become?

    In my case it was hardly an issue to begin with, and now it is something that is not part of our day-to-day lives. Does it come up in you guys' conversation or activities?
  20. SheLikesKitties

    Mary B - Clear your mailbox

    Hello chica, you have to clear your mailbox, it's full! Have a great weekend.