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    Is it different if you're a parent/child?

    This is just something I have wondered about and not intended as judgement. I have noticed with some of the people I know and have worked with that if they are parents or have older parents, they tend to be more judgmental about age gap relationships. Maybe they take on a protective role and see...
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    So what would you consider an age gap?

    I'm thinking that if the man is older than the woman than it should be at least 10 years as it is considered normal for the man to be older anyway. If the woman is older, perhaps more than 5 years? I'm not sure if a couple of years older would bother many people anymore?
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    Question on ageing.

    I know a woman who is in her 50's and she is constantly going on about age and how she is getting older. How her body is changing etc etc etc Is this typical of what it is like to get older? To complain a lot and really focus on your age? I know I will not be immune to getting older myself and...
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    Any ladies still out there wanting to chat?

    Seems like this forum is pretty much dead. But if you would like to chat please drop me a line. I like old films, good food, gardening, cooking, poetry and writing, music and playing guitar among others.
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    Why can't I see all the threads on a board?

    So when I go to a board, I can see sticky's but no threads. I know there are threads because I created a couple. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Not sure if I can talk about this but.....

    as not many people use this site it seems harmless enough anyway. I'm a bit nervous and excited at the same time about this. A bit of an odd thing but anyway, I have always wanted to pose for an art class and will soon be doing that! Wish me luck!
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    Age gap Taboo, have the attitudes reversed?

    Regardless of what society likes to claim it seems there is always an acceptance in shaming or not tolerating a certain group or lifestyle choice. I am wondering if in today's society it has become more acceptable for a woman to be with a younger man than it is for a man to be with a younger...
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    When you're at peace but your partner thinks you are angry/depressed/irritated etc.

    Has anyone ever been with someone like this? Where you are just laying/sitting there peacefully and they think you must be depressed or something else negative? Then they make a big thing of it because you aren't talking or aren't staring at the same screen they are? I've been in this situation...
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    New Here.

    Hi I am a young guy in his 20's and have recently noticed older women seem to like me. I don't mean that in a gloating way more in a way that it is just a very new thing to me. I have never had many girlfriends or relationships so I am rather inexperienced. Joined up here to chat and learn more...