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  1. special K

    Longevity: How Long Have You Been With Your YM?

    So, you have been in a committed relationship with your younger man for a while now...please select the year-range on the poll to reflect how long it's been (exclusive relationships only for this poll, please as in: committed boyfriend/girlfriend, partners, or marriage). If you have just been...
  2. special K

    Am I the only OW on this site who does not look young for her age?

    I wore these Saturday night at my annual winter dance concert :eek:,albeit with a classic black turtleneck sweater dress (knee length). My dance company hosts the event, and I am the on stage is a contemporary concert (in the genre of So You Think You Can Dance..hip hop, street tap...
  3. special K

    Rebooting your Body to Health...and Losing Weight too!

    Jake and I have gone through a major transformation in the past month, health wise, and I'm blogging about it online. It is especially significant here because the reality of an age gap relationship is that the older partner is more prone to disease and ill-health just because they've been on...
  4. special K

    Article: A Beautiful Article on Agegap Relationships

    You can view the page at
  5. special K

    Article: A Beautiful Article on Agegap Relationships

    You can view the page at
  6. special K

    A Beautiful Article on Agegap Relationships

    So what if it's in AARP magazine :D....this is a beautiful article about the realities and longevity-potential of age gap relationships with the right person(s). ... Jake read this and said the guy (author) had it all right. Enjoy. Love and the Older Woman - AARP The Magazine
  7. special K

    Did you Know about the Social Security Divorce Benefit ?!?!

    I had no idea:eek: What a great option for those of us nearing retirement age with younger partners who won't get there for a long, long time....but were married before to someone for more than 10 years who earns a good income...
  8. special K

    Obsessing and need input

    Some of you know about the history of bullying and alienation I have had to deal with from my exhb and his wife for 8 years now. To summarize, my ex and I had joint custody of my 2 sons after our divorce, and when they entered middle school, he pushed for them to live with him and his wife...
  9. special K

    Hysterectomy Anyone?

    Not really a "Chit Chat" item, but I thought this thread would get ignored in the health section, and didn't really belong in the others, sooooooo.... I've been having some symptoms lately (bleeding in excess, etc.) and my gyno did an ultrasound last week. Finding: a fibroid tumor the size of...
  10. special K

    New Credit Card Laws...

    I am a member of (a subsidiary of Suzie Orman's, Financial Advisor)...and with the new credit card laws, the forums over there are abuzz with ideas of how to lower your card's interest rate, get a reconsideration on a rejected credit application, etc. Many card companies will...
  11. special K

    A brief quote to think about and live by...

    "Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen." Conan O'Brien, 1-22-2010 :yes:
  12. special K

    Officially a GRANDMA!!!

    Eden Elizabeth was born at 2:40am on Tuesday to my adorable son and his wife. I am completely in love with her, and get tears in my eyes every time I see the adoration of her in her father's eyes. Here is a picture of them, and one with mommy. Newborns are proof that there is a God...:yes:
  13. special K

    Ideas on designing a Portal Website to make extra money?

    So... like everyone these days, I'm brainstorming ideas on how to "work smarter not harder" to be able to earn extra income on the side:D. I've owned a particular domain name since 1990-something...basically since the very beginning of the internet! In my field (commercial dance/dance...
  14. special K

    Anyone Remember John?

    Whew...I'm done with my show and back in the saddle of semi-regular life again. So, of course that involves reading ageless !:bgrin2: I have been reading, and pondering many "new" threads since about 2 weeks ago. I have been reminded of something that happened on the boards here about 6 years...
  15. special K

    Time heals and reveals a greater good

    I have been hit and miss on ageless the past few weeks as I've been planning all the details for the 20th anniversary concert of my dance studio...and at this point I only have half a brain left. :eek: I have felt overwhelmed, but also so touched by all of the dance student alumni (some are...
  16. special K

    "The Reader" ... my oh my...

    This should probably be in the entertainment section, but I thought it would get more air time and input here. Have you seen The Reader yet, with Kate Winslet, David Kross (18.5 in real life, plays a 15 year old in the movie), and Ralph Fiennes, etc.? It is supposedly based on a partially...
  17. special K


    Jake and I saw the movie, Valkyrie the day after Christmas, and it really affected me. My mom was raised in Austria and Europe during the 30's and 40's...her whole family was displaced by Hitler and she was sent to be an au pair for a german army officer's family when she was 13 (against her...
  18. special K

    What did you want for Christmas when you were a Kid??

    Okay, so here is the thread that really reveals our age:D....What did you want for Christmas when you were a kid/teen?? As a kid: 1. Dream Date (the Barbie game, remember?) 2. A new "Spider Bike" (the one with the banana seat and long handle bars) 3. Click Clacks....Does anyone...
  19. special K

    3 GREAT DVD's to rent this weekend! seems that we go months watching so-so dvd's that we rent, but recently we hit the jackpot with 3 movies Jake and I both loved: "The Note"...(not to be confused with "the Notebook"): Jake thought this would be a total chick-flick, but ended up really liking it (while I sobbed at the...
  20. special K

    Ex Husband Issues from Hades...can anyone relate??

    For those who don't exhb carries his resentment toward me like a badge of honor. He's spoken negatively about me to others and, most sadly, to my two boys...for 6 years since our divorce and his immediate remarriage. He has completely manipulated situations and other people to color...