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  1. Mebel

    Tata Madiba

    Nelson Mandela, I want to give thanks for his life, his leadership, his devotion to humanity and humanitarian causes. I hope we keep his legacy alive. He had a special connection with the Netherlands and visited it twice( 1990-1999). One of the reason was that we had a huge and active...
  2. Mebel

    Happy birthday chi77

  3. Mebel

    EYE treatment

    Oh, I surely hope nobody will tell me it"s a disaster,,Whooh, I am so excited..cause I want to get rid of my contact lenses. Next wednesday I give myself a better sight! And undergo this Intralase Femtolasik procedure (excimer/ lasercorrection)). Kevin will bring me to the clinic, it takes 2...
  4. Mebel

    I PRAISE the invention!

    Hallelujah!..i praise the male mind and again it wonders me how it works! They invented the vacuumcleaner, the paperclip, the electric dry shaver,, etcetera! And they helped me today,( and i think us, women) with this great invention for our hair! Yesterday I received a present from Kevin. It...
  5. Mebel

    Showing older thread's YW-OM section .. not possible!

    Question? When trying via the display options to search in older pages; Last year or beginning. Page 2 automatically switched from YW-OM to the OW-YM page/ section
  6. Mebel


    Little update, What a year we both, Kevin and I, have! Synchronicity in dealing with,and caring for both our parents.So suddenly. We brought them to hospitals ,several times already, going in and out.. his father and my mother. It is a blessing for us, both, that we can support eachother in...
  7. Mebel

    many users online

    This morning! 9 hours ago in my dutch time, I saw something very surprising happening! 187 users were online in this owym chitchat section for a half hour! It said CHIT CHAT (187 viewers). What could that mean,,whole schoolclasses, of psychology students. What kind of enthousiastic fans do we...
  8. Mebel

    cloned animals

    In Europe meat from cloned animals and their offspring is not aloud. But the Europian Commission is in fear now for an ban on imports with the United States. Tonight all EP members gather about this trade. ( representing 27 europian countries). Most of the countries are for free trade...
  9. Mebel


    Valentin'sDay is becoming a new novelty date in Holland since 1995! Before that data nobody knew it! But merchandisers saw money in it,, and borrowed this idea from the USA. Also a welcome income for them between Chrismas and Easter! Today many shops are red and pink.. and full with hearts of...
  10. Mebel

    Me! his mother!

    A year ago we (ow&ym) both sat at an table of an fortune teller. Kevindh had been searching for an room of his own to rent. ( A payable room is very difficult to find easy, owners ask alot of money for one simple room, most are very expensive in Holland)). So his question was if 'the man' saw...