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    Did I screw this up?

    A younger man on a dating site was very persistent with me for a couple months. I had been down the younger guy road before and was hesitant at first. I caved one night and we seemed to get along very well. We met a few days later. I hadn't been involved with anyone in about a year. We hit...
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    Do the YM who go for older women tend to have things in common?

    In light of my recent YM relationship I have found myself thinking a lot about a man I dated when I was 17 who was 30. I lost my father when I was 4 and the man I was dating turned out to look a lot like my father and have similar personality attributes. The rest of my life I dated older men...
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    How would you react if your mother said this to you?

    "You always flaunted your boyfriends in front of me ever since you were a teenager" during an argument
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    How hard can you be on your YM?

    One of the things I really struggled with with the YM I was dating was how hard to be on him about things. Sometimes I felt I couldnt be hard at all because of his age and lack of experience. Example: he would whine about his job and having to work in general and how it seemed like slavery...
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    Cougars are a joke..

    Maybe I'm jaded from the two younger guys I dated and others who hit on me.. but I'm thinking the majority of younger men do not take older women seriously and appears to be just about the sex.. which is fine.. I wish I had understood that is all.
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    Was it all bull****?

    Should he have not said those things? And was it all BS? Hi all. I posted here a while ago wondering if a YM I got involved with was using me (ie for sex): He was unemployed when I met him and told me upfront...
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    Should I not have told him?

    My partner and I have been seeing each other about 5 months now. Its been rough with 4 breakups along the way (3 by me). I am very attracted to him, love being with him, and we have a lot in common but sexually I have only had 2 orgasms. I told him a few times things that help me have them but...
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    Laides, did you ym intially say he could never...

    ....tell his family about you/resist for a while?
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    Has anyone here seen your child/children in an age gap relationship? If so...

    how have you felt about it? Differently from your own in anyway?
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    Hey all... does anyone know if there are there statistics anywhere on this forum related to the percentage of how many OWYM relationships work out?
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    Is he just using me?

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum. I had one intimate younger man "relationship" before the current one I am in. Clearly the last guy used me for sex, money... he had lived in Vegas and been an escort and was also an alcoholic I discovered after a while. I am now involved with another much...