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  1. Ellethe

    PAX East Time and What Are You Playing Now?

    So those of you who know me very well (not many still around here that do LOL, prolly should have just posted this to Angel and moved on), know that it is almost time for PAX East. Its happening in March and we're set to go again this year. Very excited about it! We're taking Noah and Alex...
  2. Ellethe


    All I have to say is... WOOT!
  3. Ellethe

    Am I A Gamer?!

    Okay so Devon and I are fighting *again*. What did he do now you ask? Picture this... he spent part of his day yesterday researching how I could improve my DPS on my hunter. He sent me an article on the superiority of MM (written last March no less) by a guy who runs a hunter podcast. This...
  4. Ellethe

    Beat Bioshock 2, now what?

    I loved, loved, loved Bioshock and Bioshock 2, but now I'm done. What did you love, love, love that I should check out? :P Here's what I'm considering (and yes I know these are some old titles): Borderlands Mass Effect (and 2 if I like it)
  5. Ellethe

    PAX East Y'all!!!!

    Hi guys, We got home from PAX East about 2 hours ago. We took the kids and had a phenomenal time. Got lots of sweet loot and played a bunch of great games. I managed to get over my disappointment at 2K for not even bringing so much as a Bioshock poster with them *hmph*. We took the kids...
  6. Ellethe

    Whatcha playn?

    I'm hitting PAX East next week and very excited to be hanging with gamers. So what are you playing now? I'm playing champions online and bioshock, the first one so I can play II. I've tried almost every vworld out there in the last 2 weeks too. They weren't fun for me at all. So what is...
  7. Ellethe

    Champions Online

    Anyone playing this? Dev & I rolled toons yesterday and so far having a blast. We'd love to play with others of course. If you've not tried it, they have a free demo which lets you play in the starter zone forever I guess. You can't get beyond level 6 in there and you outgrow it in an hour...
  8. Ellethe

    A sad day... is closing on March 9th. Dev and I were founding members in There. We both played the Beta. We had lifetime memberships. We met and fell in love in There. Devon was a renowned racer in There and maintained a top spot in game while he was active. Once we moved to real life, There...
  9. Ellethe

    Happy Birthday Angel!

    Many, many, many happy days! (and here's hoping this one is :p) Much love your way, Rebecca & Devon
  10. Ellethe

    Do you know what tomorrow is????

    Well it is the day that Dev and I leave for Hawaii! Woot! We are going to Kona for 2.5 weeks leaving tomorrow morning at 8ish am. I'm so excited that I feel shaky LOL! We're going without the kids and it should be fantastic. Devon's parents live in Kona 6 months out of the year so we'll be...
  11. Ellethe

    PAX - East Coast Style

    I've got my tickets and I'm heading to Boston March 25 thru the 29th. We're taking our kids this year too. We're driving! Who else is going? Who lives close by? This will be a blast!
  12. Ellethe

    Flight of the Conchords

    The best show on television today or the best show of all time ever... discuss!
  13. Ellethe

    Freaking out...

    I don't know what is wrong with me. I'd like to think its just all the drugs I'm taking right now, but I'm not so sure. I have such a feeling of impending doom. I feel like I'm on the brink of something terrible. I'm fighting with Devon because he feels put upon. I'm trapped in my room...
  14. Ellethe

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Dev and I watched this last night. It was so romantic and brilliant. It was also sad and a little depressing. As an age gap couple, this movie really affected both of us. We felt sad last night after watching it, actually particularly Devon.
  15. Ellethe


    Hi All, I'm having plastic surgery in 13 days! I will get a panni/TT/hernia repair all on 1/19 at noon. I'm anxious and excited. It really is all I can think about and I wonder how darn slowly this next 2 weeks will go. I am going to post pre-op and post-op pics to my OH page (for those of...
  16. Ellethe

    Slumdog Millionaire and MILK

    I saw both these movies over the last week or so and they were fantastic!!!! Definitely check them both out. Sean Penn was amazing. I think both these flicks are gonna win something Oscar night.
  17. Ellethe

    Wrath of the Lich King

    Well Dev and I will be at the midnight sale of LK on Wednesday and I've taken the day off work on Thursday so that we can devote all our time to gaming. Who else is going to be leveling to 80 or working on their Knights this Thursday in the wee hours? :)
  18. Ellethe

    "baby fever" addressed

    Say hello to our new "baby"... He's a Collie-Bulldog mix we adopted yesterday. We named him Leroy Jenkins and I can't think of a more perfect name for him! Yes it is becoming a zoo at our place hahaha Leroy enjoying a little snooze! Puddin and Zeus enjoying the couch! LOL! Zeus smiling...