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  1. kilny

    Merry Christmas!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday. At Christmas time when I visit the site, I always remember truckman and his Santa footprints for his son. I bet he's half grown now. Merry Christmas to all. May your holiday wishes come true. Kilny
  2. kilny

    How has everyone been doing?

    It seems I've been gone for a bit. I don't remember when I signed in last. I only see a couple names that are familiar to me. I hope everyone is doing well. This sight offered me an lot of comfort just reading other peoples experiences. I that I wasn't the only one that had obstacles in...
  3. kilny


    I'm at my Sweethearts for a 2 week visit. He insisted on taking me on a Steam Train ride. I know he knows I love trains. We had a privagte booth, the scenery was awesome and so romantic. We had a lovely continental breakfast and sat back to enjoy the ride to the little town of our...
  4. kilny

    Met the rest of his family...

    I just returned this week from visiting my Sweetheart. I met his siblings and some of the nieces and nephews this time. It was very nice and I loved them all. They were all very nice and lovely.:) I felt very comfortable and think it went well.
  5. kilny

    Meeting the family...

    I'm so nervous. We webcammed briefly last night with his Brother and family along with his Mom. In a couple weeks I'm going to meet his Mom face to face. She seems like a real Sweetheart, but I'm still very nervous. I've never had to meet the family before, I've always already known them...
  6. kilny

    Thank you

    There are so many happy wonderful stories here. I want to thank all who share theirs. Sometimes I feel a bit hopeless and I come here and look for the story that will make me smile and say it will be ok and work out. The long distance relationship thing is so hard sometimes. I can find...
  7. kilny

    I made it!!!!

    After a long delay on my third leg of flight to my Sweetheart's, I made it just barely in time to be the first to wish him Happy Birthday.:yes: We have eaten so much good food, walked so much...snuggled and laughed so much..(and some other wonderful things:D) My first week here has flown by...
  8. kilny

    One Week!!!!!!

    One week from Monday and I'll get to see my guy.:bgrin2: I'm so excited, I think I might burst!!!:o The only problem right now is tht I have to fly all over the country to get there. Instead of one stop, like I usually have, I have 4. I have yet to figure out how they can come up with the...
  9. kilny

    Why does he back off everytime....

    He wants me to come and stay. I've just about saved enough money for my ticket. All of a sudden he backs off and won't talk to me. He did this to me last time I visited. I've been there 3 times and we have got along so good. We have so much fun, even just staying in, fixing dinner together...
  10. kilny

    Why do I have to feel this way?

    Why do I get so depressed and feel like I'm just waiting for the other shoe to fall. I love him so much and want to be there with him. I always have this feeling deep down inside that he's going to leave me and that maybe I'm just a passing thing for him until someone better comes along. He...
  11. kilny

    Ogdenburg, NY, anyone live close?

    This is a place I've been looking at to move to. Does anyone live close to there or know much about the area?
  12. kilny

    Long distant relationships suck!!!!

    I want to be there with him so bad, that sometimes I feel like I'm dieing inside...working things out takes so long. I miss him. Talking on the phone, chatting on line or webcamming just isn't the same!:(
  13. kilny

    Can't log out..

    I log out and then I'm still logged in? Sometimes one of my kids is on this computer and I don't stay logged into my sites. Help!
  14. kilny

    Need advice....

    Need some feedback. I'm confused and maybe not very objective right now. In a LDR with a younger man. I've visited 2x and am going for my 3rd visit. H e tells me he's getting together with friends/coworkers, one of whom may be very interested in him. He told me at the beginning he really...
  15. kilny


    I have been hanging around a little while, mostly reading and posting very little. I want to thank all of you for the advice etc., even though it wasn't directed to me. I've become more comfortable with who I am. Though I don't always agree with all that is posted, I believe that everyone...