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A very Sad Day


New member
This morning I had to make the horrible gut wrenching decision to put my dog to sleep.

As most of you will remember my dog has been battling with diabetes for the last year and her health has gotten worse. She lost site in both her eyes and while she adjusted very fast and well to that major downfall her health in the last few weeks has turned for the worst.

She began to become very disoriented, walking into walls, even falling down two separate flights of steps twice. Over the weekend everything turned even worse. She seemed to bounce back for a day or two and then come Friday night everything went from bad to worse literally over night.

She stopped eating and drinking, she was very very weak and did nothing. It started to get worse when she couldn't even keep down water. For 2 days we say knowing it was going to come to a bitter end. Yesterday was heartbreaking to witness, my poor baby was not herself at all. It was to the point she would sit at her water dish trying to hydrate herself only to have to lay down and not be able to even keep her water down.

This morning we took her to the animal hospital where we were given the news that the diabetes has began to cause more damage than we ever thought, especially being we took such great care with her insulin and food.

We were given the option to leave her for a few days for IV treatment and strong antibiotics with almost no sign that it would help. Her vitals were so bad that a test that usually takes 24 hours for the results came back within a half hour.

We made the choice to end her suffering and realize that even if some miracle where to come she would only be granted a few at the most more days if not weeks. Her quality of life was not great so we felt it very selfish to keep prolonging the end just to keep her with us.

For almost 10 years she brought such joy and happiness to us. She was truly the best dog and the most lovable and enjoying campion. A dogs love is truly unconditional and my love for her was the same. The house feels so different and my heart is truly broken but I know I made the best choice and she is no longer suffering or in any pain.

Walking into the house this evening after spending the day out trying to keep myself busy was brutal. My boyfriend removed everything for me so that when I came in I didn't have to see or smell or feel anything that would hurt even more.

Every second of every day with her was a gift and I will remember the youthful, vibrant, beautiful dog who I would take on long walks and let run on the beach on the warm summer days.

The next few days or weeks are going to be very hard and quite and adjustment but I know I made the right choice and am blessed to have a great support team on my side and amazing fond memories of my four legged best friend and cuddle buddy who is at peace tonight and in a better place.


Active member
I'm sorry for the loss of your beloved pet. Sometimes the most loving thing we can do is let them go.




New member
Thank you everyone. It was a very hard choice but like I said it was for the best. I managed to sleep last night but this morning it was very hard. My first thought this morning when I woke up was to look for her and then I remembered.

I'm back at work today and staying very busy.

I know it's going to take some time and it's an adjustment but he best peace I can have is knowing she is not just surviving anymore she is at peace and that brings me comfort.

Slow Worm

What a dog wants in life is a pack leader who loves them and cares for them. Yours plainly had that in you.

You did the right thing for her. As you wrote, making her linger in pain would have been selfish.

I know what you are going through now. I've had to do the same twice in the past.



Harp girl

New member
I'm so sorry for your loss NY10. Losing a family member is one of the hardest and saddest things to get through, but take comfort in the many, many good memories your girl gave you.


New member
Thank you again everyone.

I appreciate the love and support. Today was not horrible, I have been been shown a great amount of love and compassion for all around me. Like I said before, I can be at peace knowing I made the best and right decision no matter how much I wish I didn't have to.

There comes a time when ALL pet owners are faced with this I guess and it's something that in plain English SUCKS but it's part of the "program".

Right now I good and will continue to be better each day and I am left with amazing fond wonderful memories and that is all I can ask for.

Thank you all again for the support.