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Amazing hormone info for the OW (and OM as well).


So I'm over 50 and dealing with some hormonal issues as most women my age are. I've been on a very low carb diet for the past 2 or 3 years. It's made huge improvements in my health and weight. However I'm now at an impasse and my body just doesn't want to lose more weight. I also have some sleep issues, fatigue, minor headaches, etc. I decided to research what exactly happens to women that makes losing weight so difficult at this age. What I found is that the biggest issue is that estrogen diminishes, but doesn't stop, it's progesterone that diminishes the most, and loss of progesterone, with a dominance of estrogen as a result is the real problem. Estrogen stores fat while progesterone burns it.

There is also the problem of all the estrogen mimickers in our lives, plastics, cleaning products, foods like beef, etc. This is also a big issue for men, causing "man boobs", prostate enlargement, weight gain in the mid section, etc.

I have refused to ask my doctor for hormone replacement as the side effects can be life threatening. And I'm glad now as I've found that bio-identical hormones are available over the counter and actually seem to be totally safe, even have a lot of health benefits. And for the most part, doctors prescribe estrogen, rather than progesterone, and it's the progesterone that's really lacking.

I strongly suggest that all the folks here, especially over 40, Google "estrogen dominance" and "bio identical progesterone". Because the bio identical hormones can't be patented the pharmaceutical companies can't make money so they have to alter the chemical makeup to make them a "drug" and that's where the health and safety issues have come from.

I bought a jar of progesterone cream through Amazon, and it came yesterday, the same day I started my cycle (not in menopause yet) so I can't try it yet so no first hand experience but I will report back when I do.

Do a lot of reading before you try it though as it may not help unless you use a higher dose. And make sure you find one with good reviews and without unhealthy ingredients.


Well, it's been a month on the progesterone cream. I spent a lot of time reading about possible health effects or dangers and there is just nothing to make me worry and after a month of using it I'm very pleased. I'm still not seeing much weight loss, but I still hope to as it can take a while to really kick in. However I suggested my YM try it as well, also so much evidence that estrogen in the environment can cause a lot of issues for men, even younger men, and as of yesterday he's lost about 5 pounds in just 2 1/2 weeks doing nothing else differently so he's thrilled.... while I'm jealous. :rolleyes:

For me, I found that my sleep quality increased hugely. I'm not waking up too early like I usually do and I'm falling asleep much easier (still using a small amount of melatonin as well though). I did notice a bit of weight loss right away but then started my period and so at this point not sure but hope to see it on the scales Friday. I started with a lower dose but after reading I decided to up the dosage for a while but I haven't done that long enough yet so still experimenting.

I had been having slight headaches a lot, like pressure in my head, that went away immediately and another thing I'm really thrilled with. The low carb diet helped greatly with that, but the progesterone finished it off. I also have better energy and chores and tasks seem so much easier. I just feel good physically and emotionally.

I do strongly suggest that the older women here do a lot of research for themselves on estrogen dominance and bio identical progesterone cream. And if they find they have symptoms consider trying it.