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An Office Lunchroom chat


Super Moderator
Ok, I was in the lunch room and these two women, about 40s-ish, were sitting there gossiping about married men who are idiots because they cheated and left the evidence of their cheating out in the open.

Then she brought up a guy she used to date who married somebody new, and this was her comment: "She's going to take all his money and run. There's a good 20 year age difference between them and there's no way she'll take care of him when he's old." The guy who was sitting with them replied, "I was going to ask, is there an age difference?". The woman replied, "Yup, a huge one!" and she rolled her eyes.

I wish these people would keep their judgmental opinions to themselves in the workplace. If you want to spread that spew, then go home and talk on the phone, or go to the park or something. But this is a professional work place and other people in the office environment don't care to hear it.