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Assorted migration issues.


We had been trying to get him his residency for 10 years and we finally decided to switch lawyers and voilá, he is a resident now.
You may ask why it took us 10 years to change lawyers? Because our lawyer was nice and would drive Nick to all his appointments and spoke English.
She also led us through a couple of wrong avenues that I will not list here. One of those wrong avenues was to try to get a spousal visa.
We tried that for several years and failed the interviews. They would ask stupid questions like shoe size, brand of cooking gas and things most men do not know.

Anyways we switched lawyers. It is a firm instead of an individual. The new lawyers do not speak English and do not drive Nick to his appointments, but got us his visa in 3 months.
We used an avenue called FRIENDLY NATIONS VISA.

I found out a month ago that my ex got married to a Colombian woman. He let me know he got married and I congratulated him. (My son got mad at him for informing me, but I think that was OK) Anyways... my ex and I are friends on Facebook and today I saw him post a complaint about Migration. I wonder if he is having problems with the spousal visa, and I was temped to send him a message telling him to try the Friendly Nations avenue. But I have been told to mind my own business and let him make his own mistakes.




Congratulations! That's wonderful news. :)

As to what to do about giving your ex information on the lawyers you used, I think that's up to you. In my experience, giving unsolicited advice to other people can have wonderful or tragic consequences. If the person is lovely and kind, they will probably thank you for your advice whether or not they use it. But I've also given unsolicited, well-meaning advice to people who had more controlling, vindictive natures. In these cases, when the advice didn't go as they had hoped, they blamed ME for the consequences. In your case that could mean the lawyers were unable to get the visa quickly, or they made some mistakes, or he lied about something on the application and they caught him in it, or literally anything else that could go wrong. So I stay away from giving unsolicited advice to people who are vindictive or angry or just generally stressed about everything. I don't know him so you will have to decide. But remember, it's not your responsibility to help him so do it only if you feel it will be appreciated whether it works for him or not.


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Congratulation! 10 years is a long time. I am glad everything worked out in the end.

It depends on the person. Your ex seems a little rude in his reaction.

I once helped my ex's niece and she thanked me warmly, though I do not whether she acted on my advice or not. I also suggested something to my ex in another occasion and he reaction was similar to your ex.

Politeness has somehow become a scarce resource.


Ooops, sorry, those who told me to mind my own business were my son and husband. My mom thinks I should tell him. My ex and I are in relatively good terms. When he had to have emergency surgery he called me to take him to the hospital because his then gf was in Colombia.


You can't imagine how I used to cry every time we got a letter from Migration telling us that we failed the test and that he had 30 days to leave the country... and then the lawyer had to file a petition for extension.

Moving to Panama is getting more and more difficult. The crisis in Venezuela created a wave of immigrants that has moved the population needle from 3.5 million to 4 million. We are a tiny country and a 20% increase due to immigration is too much to handle. Our government placed restrictions on 3 countries: Venezuela, Colombia and Nicaragua already, and people are calling it the Trump effect.


I'm so sorry you had to go through this, but super happy that you're together now and can stay together. :yes:

The Trump effect is causing chaos everywhere. Here in Canada we are seeing a large increase in migrants fleeing from the U.S. in fear of what might happen to them there. One man who fled in the middle of winter lost all his fingers due to hypothermia as he crossed the border in a remote area of the prairies. That just shows how desperate people are feeling. We can only hope something will change for the better...