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Birthday Love for My love


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Today was my OM's 48th birthday and we had an amazing night. Last night I cooked a big dinner for him and we relaxed and watched movies. Tonight I took him out for a romantic dinner followed by music in the park (he isn't a big birthday type and likes relax and low key) so we kept it very mellow and nice. His gift this year took lots of time and planning. I wanted to do something from the heart instead of the store. I have gotten him gifts in the past but this year I wanted to do something that was very different and more thoughtful. On my Mac there is a program to make books and I decided to do it. I put together a book of pictures and some very nice words for him. It was a complete shock and he wasn't expecting it. First I made him open his card which was a very long and loving card with a little extra bonus message from me, he loved that alone. I then made him open the book and at first he had NO idea what it even was. The cover picture was a picture of our first hike we took together 3 years ago. As he flipped through the pictures it started with the first picture we ever took together on our very first date and a little message about how we started this journey together. As the pages went on it followed us through the years, from parties, to vacations just pictures and memories of everything we have shared and done. Of course there was some more pages of letters I had written him and love letters he had written me, I scanned old valentines day and birthday cards little post it notes he would leave me for that were cute.

After he was done reading the book I handed him a typed letter to explain what the book was and what he is to me. In the letter I wrote how much I love him and how truly amazing he is and how much I value our relationship and what we have been through together and overcame and what we have yet to do. I expressed the best way I can how grateful and thankful I am each day that he is in my life and how I am the woman I am today because of his love and support.

I have to say, I have never seen him choke up and we both shed a few little tears. He said that he would treasure this book for the rest of his life and that this was the best gift he ever got because it came from the heart and took time and thought. It's exactly what I wanted it to be and I am so happy he loved it and it was worth all those late nights (I had to do it while he was sleeping so he wouldn't catch me).

After that we went for a romantic dinner and music night.

I am so happy tonight for him being who he is and for being mine, and for being able to show and share how much he truly means to me and how even through the hardest times I have a partner and best friend who will defend me when I am wrong, love me when I am unlovable, support me when I am frustrated and see me through the hardest days and share with me the best days. I am truly blessed and fortunate to have found such a love and such a man.


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It was an amazing birthday weekend, today/tonight we celebrated with his family at a BBQ at his sisters house. I can say for a man that doesn't like birthdays he sure had a great weekend to celebrate his.


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What a wonderful thread NY10,
made me feel that there might be real love after all. Perhaps not for all of us, but feels great to know that there are people out there that found it suppose that encourage us all that still are looking :)

Take care!