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Blatant age gap question on a game show


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I don't know the name of it, but there's a game show where the audience is asked a question and the contestants have to guess the answer. The one with the closest answer wins.

A question on last night's show was: "An age that's too old to date a 21-year old".

What if instead the question was "Percent of people who think it's wrong to date a black person if you're white"? There would have been outrage (and rightly so!!).

Enough said!

Slow Worm

A question ... was: "An age that's too old to date a 21-year old".

Assuming in full it was 'What is an age that's too old to date a 21-year old?', that is more ludicrous than outrageous. There is clearly no correct answer at all, unless the question is actually referring to a lyric from a song, quotation from a novel, some obsolete law or something of that sort.

What if instead the question was "Percent of people who think it's wrong to date a black person if you're white"? There would have been outrage

At least that would have a replicable answer: it would be possible to do a survey and find the figure. Similarly the questions 'What is the age considered by 70% of people in (given sampling frame) to be the highest acceptable for a dating partner for a 21 year old?' or 'What percentage of people think it wrong for a person aged 21 to date a person aged over 30?' would at least have a meaningful answer, although finding those answers would seem a bit of a waste of research resources.



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It was poorly worded, but I assume they were looking for an age cutoff.

Still a tactless question, IMO. There are much older people in relationships with 21-year olds, just as there are people in interracial, same-sex, and other "controversial" relationships. You don't blurt it out on a game show, that's insensitive.


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It sounds like one of those 'cheap' money quizes, which i see on my network too, I suppose from Endemol Holding B.V., originally a dutch media gigant;
Joop van de Ende and John de Mol , both men are dutch tv producers, they started working together in 1994 ;= Endemol Group.
(Big Brother, Deal or No Deal are 2 hitprograms)
Other shareholders are Apollo(British) and Mediaset( Silvio Berlusconi)and Goldman Sachs( USA).
Always amusement and cheap most of the times.


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A question like that fans the flames of public disapproval of something that can be inflammatory.

Imagine you're in the audience with your 20-something partner and you're 40s/50s? How would you feel? If it were me I'd walk out.
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That's a stupid question--because the answer is very subjective. What might be "too old" for one person might be just fine for someone else!

Reminds me of yesterday when I was taking a CPR/First Aid training course. We were talking about DNRs (Do Not Resuscitate) and how if family members are present and they are all adamant that the patient doesn't want to have CPR, then we don't do it.

A guy behind me (mid to late 50's ish) made the comment of "Unless it's his 30 year old wife!" and the other people in the class tittered.

I turned around and said, "That is hurtful and not at all funny. FYI, my husband is about your age."

The guy didn't say anything. He just looked down at his book.


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It's also not about 21-year old's per se. "Too old for 21" is code for too old for anyone who's "young", whatever "young" means --- again subjective.


Would a correct answer be 99?
I mean, that should be a nice cut-off age.
Although I had an aunt that would have dated a 21 yr old while she was 103. God bless her soul.