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Bob Barker's Replacement


Not that anyone is actually keeping up with this "earth shattering" issue :tongue2: but thought it'd be fun to talk about who would be a good replacement for Bob Barker. Here's an article that I just read on AOL news:

'Price' Host List Is Narrowing
By Nellie Andreeva and Kimberly Nordyke

LOS ANGELES (April 5) - The field of candidates to succeed Bob Barker as host of CBS' venerable game show "The Price Is Right" might be narrowing.

Sources indicated that Mark Steines, George Hamilton and Mario Lopez have emerged as top contenders, with Steines, co-host of "Entertainment Tonight," getting the strongest buzz at the moment. Tapes of "Price" auditions have been sent out and are being shown to test audiences around the country, sources said. The list also includes Todd Newton, John O'Hurley and former "Beauty and the Geek" host Mike Richards.

Representatives for CBS declined comment, as did FremantleMedia North America, which produces the long-running show. Barker said in October that he will retire in May after 35 years as host of the show. It now appears that he will tape his last show in June. The network is planning to give him a sendoff that includes a primetime special celebrating the TV veteran's career to air May 17.

With the article they had posted an AOL poll asking

Who is the best choice to replace Barker?

John O'Hurley 32%
Mario Lopez 24%
George Hamilton 21%
Mark Steines 12%
Rosie O'Donnell 5%
Todd Newton 4%
Mike Richards 2%
Total Votes: 240,685

Interesting -- I probably would recommend an unknown.. someone who can grow with the show and make it his/her own.

But, check out the next question in the AOL poll:

Who is the worst choice to replace Barker?

Rosie O'Donnell 85%
George Hamilton 4%
Mario Lopez 4%
Mike Richards 2%
John O'Hurley 2%
Todd Newton 1%
Mark Steines 1%
Total Votes: 243,112

LMAO -- apparently, I am not the only one who cannot stand Rosie O'Donnell :tongue2:


If they can manage to hold an audiences interest they are going to have a great job!



NOBODY can replace Bob Barker. In fact, when he retires, the name "The Price Is Right" should be retired, too, because the show simply won't be the same.


I figured...

he wouldn't leave until he died and the show would die with him. I agree Patrick, no one can replace him. Why even try?

special K

dedicated member :-)
Trivia moment...I was ON the Price is Right in 1985:eek: :yes:

I think, if I remember correctly, someone else here on the boards was on the show once too.

Bob Barker= The Price is Right. It may hang on for a bit with a replacement, but I predict it will die out without him.

Think "Jeopardy" without Alex
or...."Wheel of Fortune" without Vanna White and (shoot, what's his name:rolleyes: )
Or...Mr Roger's Neighborhood without Mr Rogers....


NOBODY can replace Bob Barker. In fact, when he retires, the name "The Price Is Right" should be retired, too, because the show simply won't be the same.

I feel exactly the same way!

However, if forced to choose someone else, I would pick John O'Hurley


With a revamp it may work like a charm. It all depends on the person. And now that Regis is out of work for health reasons, his game show is going to need a new host too!



Some how i just can't see Mario Lopez bellowing "Come on down!!!!" :D


Thank you, Bob!

please Remember To Spay/neuter Your Pets And Choose Vegetarian!


I love being a redhead!
I think George Hamilton would be his perfect replacement. Creepy tan aside, the guy is hysterical!