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New member
Hello to all,

As some of you have seen or have been noticing there have been several changes on AL.

First we have a now have a mod SummerBob who has taken the place of SLK. He will be helping me run the site and of course like always any issues or concerns he is available to assist you as am I.

The biggest change for most of you members, especially the one's who have been around for sometime is WhiteRose has stepped down from Admin to being a regular member now.

I am now the Admin of the site and am going to be taking her place. She has gone over everything with me and I am happy to step into the role even though those are some big shoes to fill.

I have to thank SLK and Whiterose for all their hard work and dedication they put into this site.

I am going to leaving things the same for now and just monitoring and posting like always.

If anyone ever has any issues or concerns please feel free to reach out and I will be there to help.

Thank you again Whiterose for the faith that I can take over.


Super Moderator
I also want to thank NY10 for having the faith in me that I can step into this role. As with any new responsibility, there is a certain amount of uncertainty, but I will trust that if I have any questions or am unsure of anything, I can ask her and she will be there to provide help and support.

I have always loved this web site. The people here are great, and the discussions are almost always civil, supportive and helpful. I've been here for 10 years and there have been times when I've put my foot in my mouth, said things that I wish I hadn't, and been misunderstood. But in the end we're all on the same page. We're all human and we want what's human, it's just that some of us here are on a different calendar. LOL!

Again thanks, and I hope I can help to continue in the tradition of support for age-gapped love that AgelessLove has provided for more than a decade.