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Common OW/YM Age Gap Questions


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Common OW/YM Age Gap Questions
Quick reference links to what some members have had to say on these topics:

Can an age gap relationship really work?
--> Can an age gap relationship really work?
--->With men 18-25?

Who are some of the members here?

What are the age gaps of members here?

What are the age gap demographics of members here?

What are some of the issues members have?

What makes an Age Gap Relationship successful?

Should I be worried about showing my YM my "older" body?

Where did members meet their partner?

What should I do if I'm married and am considering/in an age gap affair?

How can I meet an OW/YM here on these boards?

Do women here prefer younger men or did it just "happen?"

Can a OW be the pursuer in a OW/YM Relationship?

Is anyone here in a Long Distance relationship?

What can I do if his/her parents/friends/family disapprove?
-->What can I do if his/her parents/friends/family disapprove?

Does a VYM (Very Young Man - 18 to 25) have any special issues?
-->Does a VYM (Very Young Man) have any special issues?
-->The Cardinal Rules to VYM Relationships
--> Do Relationships with a VYM Last?

How young is too young?
-->How young is too young?

What should I do when they say, "You're old enough to be his mother"?

What if I do have kids the same age as him??

Am I taking away his youth?

Are these young men just out for sex?

Do YM share anything in common that draws them to OW?

What are some age gap myths?

Will he leave me for a younger woman?

How can I convince her I'm not going to dump her for someone younger?

What if he's a virgin or lacks experience?

Is premature ejaculation a problem with YM?

How do you handle AGR assumptions?

Are any couples here married?
--> Are any couples here married?
--->(Another) Are any couples here married?

Has anyone here been together for more than a few months?

What about growing old together?

How does menopause affect my OW?
--> How does menopause affect my OW?

What are issues we could encounter if we want a baby?
--> What are issues we could encounter if we want a baby?

What about post-menopausal libido?

How do all of you find friends who are okay with the age gap AND who you both enjoy spending time with?

I already have children - what if he wants a baby?
--> I already have children - what if he wants a baby?
------> I already have children - what if he wants a baby?

How do I deal with my OW's insecurities?

Why does she have a problem with the age gap?

What happens if it ends?

Why did it end?

Is anyone here in an interracial age gap relationship?

Do women here make more money than their YM?

Will he resent it if I make more money?

Will he dump me in a few years because I look old?

How do I get one of those keychain thingys?

Can I interview people for an article/TV show/book about "cougars" and their "Boy toys?"

How can I get a hot OW encounter with one of these women?

So how DO I find an older women for a meaningful relationship?
--> So how DO I find an older woman for a meaningful relationship?

Great Older Women/Younger Men Articles Online

Quiz: Is He the Right Younger Man for You?
-->Quiz #2: Is There a Younger Man in Your Future?
---->Quiz #3: For Men Only: Are You a "Younger Man?
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If anyone has any other good threads to link to or questions to add, let me know!
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My gosh Kristin...How long did that take you? That's just awesome, and I will definitely put a sticky on it.

Thanks so much...


Awww, Jo-Admin! A sticky??

Oh, great! THEN what do we talk about? ;)


That was really great of you!

I hope you dont mind if i post in some older threads. I know some boards have a thing about "resurrecting" old threads...if you do, just let me know.

Thank again!!


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Thanks guys! :D

Jo, it took me a couple hours. Believe it or not, I dreamed about it! :eek: Then I got up and worked on it while doing my morning thread check. Jeremy says he's going to send me to AL-anon!


This is so well done Kristin! I'm finding threads I didn't even know existed. LOL... I may be here all day just reading... *glances at the clock and scowls* Oh heck, who cares about going to work! *clicks another linky-poo* :D


Thank You

Hello, I am so glad that I found this site. I have been battleing whether to end it with my younger man. I am 40 he is 25. I see it more an issue than he does. We have been together for a year now. We have alot of things against us. He is a proffessional ball player and we live in Los Angeles need I say more. Like I said I have the issue more than he does. It is just there are alot of hateful women here. That makes things hard. I trust him and I know he loves me. Anyways I am glad this site is here. It has helped me see things in somewhat a different light.



I am 21 m and trying to date a 37 , she just sent me a message saying :
Hi Thank you for your message. Actually I thought about the age gap we have and I feel its not right.... I hope we can remain as a good friends. I hope you understand how I feel....

How can I reply to this and win her round ?
I really like her and respect her but the age is big issue ,
I dont look 21 I look more like 31 ! Stress of work !

Any advice much appriciated


Tell her

that you want to try it and that you want her to try it before she makes her final decision. Tell her all the reasons why it "could work".


Some of the links aren't working. I'm referring to the "old as his mother" thread.



WoW!!! This is great!!! Now all the little jobs and errands I had planned to do today have fallen by the wayside!!!

Guess I'll be spending the entire day...and possibly into the evening reading all the info contained here!!!:)

SO COOL!!!! :cool:



I can try to answer a few of those lol, lots of questions there...

Im 22, and the oldest woman that I have every been with in anyway is 53. I love all races of women, everyone is the same in my book..

Live-Learn-Get Luvvs.. My favorite quote.