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Couple with 33 year age gap


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What a lovely article. I didn't have time to read it all because it's very long and it's very late at night (it's 1:33 a.m. here -- I can't sleep!).

I can't wait to see their YouTube video.


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I love that. My Husband and I have 28 years between us, but he is the most gorgeous, genuine and intelligent man I have ever known; looks a lot younger and when we met, was when age became just a number. We knew each other for a little over a year before we got together. He was a customer and quickly became my favorite, as he would stick around the store and we would talk about everything from 12am to 4am in the morning when he left, so I could finish my shift duties. He pursued me for a while and when we finally hungout that first time outside of those walls, I knew I loved him from the start and same for him. When you find the real thing, age is just a concept of time ... I love this man and he is the most incredible person I have ever met or even heard of. I am 25, by the way. Our story is unique to any other I've heard or read anywhere and I love how life brought us together; how it all makes sense and fits into place. I am where I belong and I'm never looking back.

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I wonder how she knows he's 'better than any guy her age'. Has she tried them all?! My husband is her age (27) and is an amazing lover. Also, does nobody proof read online news articles?!


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People use platitudes and over-used comments like that to express their emotion at the time. She probably means he's better than anyone she's met who's her age.

If you watch their videos and follow their story, they get psychoanalytical in some of them. Both have experienced abuse from ex- partners who had narcissistic personality disorder and they connect on that level, which may be partly why they have such a kinship despite their age gap.

I personally like Joe and Angela, founders of the May December Society. They have an even wider age gap and are just fun to watch.