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Some things in life are like toenail fungus. I just had one of those moments with Dave #2. I walked into Little Johns and there he was with his friends. He did the mild social shunning thing that he does when he's in public with or near me. Doesn't look directly at me, only indirectly. I told him we needed to talk. He said he's with his pals. He came back and got his order off the counter and had to reach past me to do it. He told me to call him later. I told him flat out that I wanted this to be over. And from the look on his face I can see that it is. Thank God. He called me at 1:30 a.m. two days ago. I don't want anymore of his phone calls.

This was clearly a case of a ym who liked me but who had no courage of his convictions where it comes to being with an ow. Man for any of you who have ever been the road that I've been on today, it's a loser. But it's over! Yay!


Good for you, Witchy, you know what we say around here, if we are not good to be seen with them in public, then they are not good to be with us anywhere!

Good luck to you and great decision! I haven't read your other thread and don't know much about your story, but this part of it seems to be okay!



Good for you Witchy - my instant response to your post was to tell him to go ____ himself! grrrrrrrrrrrrr - what's his name? I wanna go inflict physical damage!


Doorperson for my pets!
He sounds like an absolute turd! I don't care what a guy's age is, that kind of behavior is inexcusable! Good for you for moving on! There are millions of eligible men on this planet, I'm sure you'll meet one who knows how to treat you decently. :)


I agree with Polly on the fact of regardless of his age...there is no excuse for that type of behavior...and as you said Witchy...no courage to his convictions...and I'm proud to see you had a backbone and stood up to him...gave him his walking papers and told him to step on down the road...nobody deserves to be treated that way...Way to go Witchy!!!