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:eek: i do not. but i have known of such. it's a terrible thing...


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i have a joke with my babies....

when one does something sweet, or is the one being quiet when the other two are trying to kill each other...i'll yell out...."SO AND SO IS MY FAVORITE!" :p lol they 'll laugh their heads off and it ends the behavior.

as i tuck them in at night, i whisper...."you're my favorite baby boy." to each of them.

i think there are times when i LIKE one more than the other two (or two more than the one), but that's only because those other two ( or one), whichever they/he may be, are/is trying to fast-track mommy to the nut-house.

but a favorite out of em? no way. gosh, i don't know what i did before em. i think i slept :confused:

but....as the old saying goes.....i wouldn't take $10 million for em, but you couldn't GIVE me a truckload just like em.

i love all three differently.............they're different from each other....... but i love my boys equally with the intensity that IS a mother's love.


Well I can say That I have a favorite.. but I only have one child so for right now he's my favorite!!! ;)


Hubby loves all of his boys equally, but he would much rather spend time with the oldest than with the other two. I'm not sure if that makes the oldest the favorite, but they have the most in common and he's the only one hubby is absolutely sure is his, the others are iffy.


Well I have four. I can honestly say that yes I have a favorite. What I mean by this is that I feel closer to and identify with one of my children more than the others. This kid changes from time to time and each kid has been that child for me at one time or another. I love them all very much. I would move heaven and earth for all of these kids if they needed it. They are all so precious to me, but I do have this tendency to feel closer with one than the others. Not all of the time, but sometimes.


I've heard of parents who have had a favorite and that it was so obvious that it hurt the other children. :(

But, as for me, there's no way that I have a favorite. I have two children and love them equally. I remember when my 2nd one was born, I was afraid I wouldn't love her as much as my son, the oldest. Then, I learned that it IS possible to love all the children equally. They are different people with different personalities and characteristics.


lapafrax said:
Do parents have favourites amongst their children?

No. I love them in the same way. :)
But I do know that my daughter is my husband weakness. And my daughter knows how can handle him.
Just a smile, a hug or just a "oh dad. you are so...." and soon my husband is melted :cool:


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I think my parents have favorites.

It's pretty obvious that my dad favors me and my mom favors my sister.

It never really bothered me or my sister....thats just who we felt more of a connection with.

Now of course I don't think my parents like me very much at all....but oh well.



I love being a redhead!
My parenting style is very similar to Trace's. When one of my kids would say, "No FAIR! You did ____ for so and so!!!" It nearly drove me insane so, one day, I just sighed and said, "Yeah, well, that's because I like her better than you." My daughter and I both froze and then we burst out laughing because we both knew it was SO not true! So now, whenever somebody does the "it's not fair" routine, someone always says, "Well you know it's cause Mom likes so and so better than she likes you!"

Every night before bed, to one I say, "I love you more than all the water in the ocean," to another, I say, "I love you more than all the grass on the ground." Even my teenagers roll their eyes and hug me when I say, "I love you more than all the stars in the sky."


Mock, mock, mock!!

Yep, I like my one kid 100 times better than the other little bollocks'!! And sometimes I even intentionally yell at them and tell them they're no good, worthless punks!! Oh wait, I don't have kids!! HONK!! :p :eek: :D Heehaw!!
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