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Finally off work... and waiting


Silence! I'll kill you!
Finally off work... and waiting Updated!

.... for this "little" bump to come out!

Maria's due date is still about 5 weeks away (I'm 35 weeks today, I see my ticker is a couple of days off), but I must admitt that it wouldn't hurt if she came a little earlier...:eek:
A lot of my friends tell me to "keep her in" for alt least after new years due to the fact that been born in December will make her the youngest in class at school... and I do see the that point, but this is getting heavy.... LOL

Besides we have everything ready and waiting for her to come live on the outside of the tum :p
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I'm so happy for you guys!!! :w00t:

I bet Joel is so excited!! First time papa :yes: ....what is her name going to be?

Do you have any pictures of the nursery? :)

This is so exciting!!! :D

*n/m...i saw on the other thread: Maria Lynn - pretty name! :) *


Silence! I'll kill you!
Her name will be Maria Lynn ;)

She won't be having her own room, but she has her own little corner in our room... I'll take some pics of it one of these days for you to see...
Her is her crib that I got at the flee market... I did take some work though ;)


This crib/bed is older than me and the great thing about it is that it grows with the child. I think that if you really wanted you could sleep in it until you are 8-9 years old...


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Very cool crib! I love stuff like that....and so functional!

Now that you are home, you will be able to give us more frequent updates! ;)


Silence! I'll kill you!
Yesterday I was at the hospital because at the check up on Monday the midwife found out that my fundus measurement had grown 5 cm (almost 2 in) in only 10 days so I had to have a growth estimate to see how big Maria is now...

And it turns out to be that she is almost 9 lbs (that's 35% more than normal) already and I still have 3 weeks+ to go... :eek:
Everything was was good in there though so other than the size there was no need to worry.
I'm going back in a week to see how much she has grown then...


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You're not having a baby, you're having a turkey! :giggle:

The crib looks really nice. You did a good job mama! Yay! You'll be back more frequently! :)

I can't wait to see pictures of little Maria and I'm so happy for you and Joel, Aina! Everytime I see your belly and the pictures I smile. Little Maria is going to be part of a great family and be very loved!


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The crib came out beautiful. Awesome job!

And good golly, 9 pounds already? Those last few weeks just seem to drag and drag, don't they?

My foster daughter, Chloe, had a baby December 1, so we also have a baby in the house! :) Im a happy girl...

Here's to hoping your little baby is on her way into your arms soon! :yes:

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Maria Lynn is such a beautiful name. :) I hope all goes well and you'll be holding your precious baby in your arms soon!


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My Dr said my daughter weighed over 10 lbs. when he insisted on doing a c-section... she came out 6 lbs. 13 oz. When I said something about it, he smartly said "you never could have had her naturally anyway". :rolleyes:

Hang in there, Aina... she will be here soon. :)