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Forum Changes


If the site format looks a little different it is because we removed some sections that haven't been used in a very long time. As I had mentioned in my post in early April, it was time to make some changes. There were several sections that hadn't had a new thread created in 1-3 years or more.

Summary of changes:

Renamed Home, health and Family to Other Support / Interests
Moved the threads in the following sections to Other Support / Interests:
Gamers Corner
Health Chat

Removed the Mental Health section. The threads were not deleted. But, because that section was protected from non-members being able to read it, I opted not to move those threads to any other areas of the site in order to keep those threads non-viewable by non-members. So, to manage this, without deleting the threads, that forum was simply removed as an option to select.

If anyone has any questions, let me know.