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Good afternoon to all

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Hi, there-

I'm Mr. Witherfork and it's my pleasure to be accepted into this club.

I'm 55 - can't believe this is the one place where you don't feel a bit self-conscious about your age!

My last girlfriend was 27.

The one before her, also 27.

The one before her was 31.

I don't go looking for younger women per se and I'm not by any means a playboy - I was married and monogamous 14 years to a woman ten years younger than myself - but I'm single now and find myself, more and more, drawn to young women who love an older man's maturity, his less "in-a-rush" flavor, a man who doesn't have the slightest interest in Warcraft, a man who drives a new car, listens to her, scolds her when she needs it, and basically sees to her needs, gets along with her friends, and is nice to her mother.

I work in the arts full-time, am a great cook, dress well, have a wicked sense of humor and I enjoy women who read. As in "books." :) I work out 7 days a week, have a ridiculous amount of hair on my head (not bald, I mean) and (fill in the brags here.)

I'm also overly dramatic at times, have a quick temper (quick to cool off, though) negatively judge most of humanity, need my alone time and tend to be a little self-centered, although all you need to do is punch me and I'll snap out of it.

Looking for marriage/children with the right person. But that's wayyyyyy down the line.

Say hi if you wish...I don't bite. Actually, I do bite, sorry. CHOMP


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