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Happy Birthday Mano


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As he quietly slips into being 26, Ageless celebrates the promotion from VYM, to YM, of manomistree.

Happy Birthday, my buddy!



*pinches your cheeks* AWWW paul has a birthday!!! HAVE A GOOD ONE!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MANO! I did it in Christmas red fer ya! How many shots did you do? Twenty six...life just gets better, my man! :)


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Ah, I haven't been here in a while so I just now saw this.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. When I first joined ageless I think I was about 18 and I thought "my gosh I'm so much younger than the rest of the male population on ageless." When I first joined age gaps were still very much a taboo so I felt crazy for liking women so much older. Finding Ageless in early 2003 help me realize that I wasn't crazy and there were others like me out there. (Yes, even men feel like that too sometimes.) I was fortunate that there were even a few awesome people like Tall Guy who was the same age as me and there were also women that were in relationships with men my age at the time like Bella, LadyinWaiting, Ellethe, and more. It's interesting to make the transition from vym (18-25 years) to now ym. Personally speaking I am glad to move onward. I think it will make it much easier approaching woman as well as being taken more seriously. I have always had a preference for women at least 20 years my senior and I think slowly getting closer to 30 makes things better...can't really explain why...there is a multitude of reasons I suppose.

Anyway, thanks again for all the birthday wishes!



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Im so sorry I missed this. We suffered the "mini-blizzard" right around Christmas..and my internet was screwy.

Happy belated birthday!!! :)


Darn it! I missed this too!

Happy Birthday Paul!!!!

Hope you did something hella fun. Go see Avatar it was fantastic! :)