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Happy Birthday to my man


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Tomorrow David turns 30.

Takes him right out of the young man category, according to him.

I haven't posted an update in a while, everything's wonderful. It'll be better in 409 days when he graduates from school finally.

After a dozen years, we're actually still in love.

The grandkids are good, my baby started college, my full time job sucks, my part time job playing with a medically handicapped 3 year old on the weekend does NOT suck, our furbabies are good.

Who'd have imagined it would still be this good? He's a really awesome man, and I'm blessed to have him in my life.


Happy birthday David..

You two are truly blessed indeed. I LOVE it that you are still in love ... makes my heart sing........:D


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Bella, you are one of the first persons I met when I joined ageless and I still remember all advices I got from you in discussion I had in different threads about me and my uncertainties. Feels good to have you around and read about your relation and this absolutely great man of yours.

Congrats from Sweden to your man and another hug for you, as you really seems like a good couple :)


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Hi Bella!

You don't know me at all, but for years now your love story with David has inspired me. It has surely helped me to get to a beautiful place when it comes to the YM I love, because I have been able to remember that true love is REAL and can endure between souls regardless of "obstacles" such as age differences and long distances between them. I have been able to think positively and continue to BELIEVE whenever those pesky doubts and insecurities would creep in that otherwise could have easily broken down my faith.

A BIG happy birthday to David, your soulmate. May the blessings continue! So happy for you both!