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Happy Birthday WVDreamer!


US Navy Retired
Thank you - sorry for the delay.

I don't get to visit this forum as much as I used to. Before I go further, I want to thank you for the greetings and apologize for having taken so long in responding.

First, I have some bad news. My wife and I are no longer together. To make a long, painful story short she found someone who was closer in age and had more similar interests. We had lived apart for some time but I hoped one day we could patch things up and get back together to be a family, especially for my son and daughter.

That all changed when my wife had a daughter with her new man. At that point I struggled with the reality my family dreams were shattered. For much of the time we lived apart I lived alone. It was painful, and I felt I was pining away.

While the mother of my children long since moved on, it was only in the last 18 months my loneliness finally came to an end. I am blessed to be with a wonderful woman; she is only two years older than me (she is 57, I am 55). I may no longer be in an AGR, but I hope the lessons I learned during my experience in one will be helpful to others here.

I'll try not to be a stranger here and post more often.


Anger Thrives In A Fool
Happy, obviously, very belated birthday. I, too, am rarely, if ever on the site any longer. I pop by whenever nostalgia hits.

I'm so sorry to read about the situation with your wife but am relieved to read that you have endured and are moving forward. You sound at peace, something I'm sure given the circumstances is a welcomed change. While AGR may have been what brought us all together, I sure do hope it's not a requirement to stay. Best wishes to you.